Saturday, 27 September 2014

30 Resources To Learn About Nanotechnology!

The branch of science that deals with nanomaterials has become quite popular nowadays. With newer and more advanced technologies coming in, nanotechnology is being used with more fervour.

As an engineer, you would do well do gain at least some knowledge of nanotech. Here are some text and video tutorials that will help you learn.

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1. Tutorials on Selected Topics in Nanotechnology (Playlist)

This is a set of seven video lectures that covers various topics in the nanotechnology arena. These include lectures on transport of thermal energy through conduction in nanomaterials etc.

2. Nanotechnology Lectures

These are another 18 videos that will help you understand the basics and various other more advanced concepts of nanotechnology.

3. Lecture on Nanotechnology Richard Freyaman

This is a lecture by the famous American physicist Richard Freyman. Freyman was an award winning physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics back in 1965.

4. There's Plenty of Room At the Bottom'

This is a famous talk given by Freyman at the California Institute of Technology. As mentioned on the attached blog, "This is a transcript of the classic talk that Richard Feynman gave on December 29th 1959 at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). This was first published in the February 1960 issue of Caltech's Engineering and Science, which owns the copyright."

5. Plasmonic Metamaterials

With a wide range of functionalities, metamaterials have been an important part of nanoscience. This book explains this kind of material in detail.

6. The Opensource Handbook of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

This is a wikibook that is explained like the website: This wikibook on nanoscience and nanotechnology gathers information about the various tools, methods and systems to provide students, researchers and everyone else an open-source handbook and overview guide to this vast interdisciplinary and expanding field - a book that can be adjusted as new things appear and improved by you!

7. Cutting Edge Nanotechnology

Book description: The main purpose of this book is to describe important issues in various types of devices ranging from conventional transistors (opening chapters of the book) to molecular electronic devices whose fabrication and operation is discussed in the last few chapters of the book. As such, this book can serve as a guide for identifications of important areas of research in micro, nano and molecular electronics. We deeply acknowledge valuable contributions that each of the authors made in writing these excellent chapters.

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