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Ebola vaccine promising in first human trials: National Institutes of Health

The news comes amid the worst ever outbreak of
the hemorrhagic fever, which has killed nearly
5,700 people, mostly in West Africa.
Pharmaceutical companies and health agencies
are scrambling to fast-track experimental drugs
and vaccines that could help.
In the first phase of testing, all 20 healthy adults
injected with a higher or lower dose of the
vaccine developed antibodies needed to fight
Ebola, said the National Institutes of Health
(NIH), which conducted the study.
Results were published Wednesday in the New
England Journal of Medicine.
"The unprecedented scale of the current Ebola
outbreak in West Africa has intensified efforts to
develop safe and effective vaccines," said
Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is
developing the vaccine alongside
The vaccines under development "may play a role
in bringing this epidemic to an end and
undoubtedly will be critically important in
preventing future large outbreaks," he noted.
"Based on these positive results from the first
human trial of this candidate vaccine, we are
continuing our accelerated plan for larger trials to
determine if the vaccine is efficacious in
preventing Ebola infection," he added.
But the NIAID/GSK vaccine is still a long way
from being ready for use in the field.
The NIAID is "in active discussions with Liberian
officials and other partners about next-stage
vaccine testing in West Africa" for efficacy and
safety, the NIH said, but no announcement on
larger-scale trials was expected before early next
There is no licensed treatment or vaccine against
the Ebola virus, which is transmitted through
bodily fluids and has been fatal in an estimated
70 percent of cases in the current outbreak.The
volunteers were injected starting in September,
and each showed a positive result for Ebola
antibodies in blood tests within four weeks.
The 10 volunteers in the higher-dose group
developed higher antibody levels, the NIH said.
In addition, two of the lower-dose group and
seven of the higher-dose group developed a kind
of immune cell called CD8 T cells, which are an
important part of the body`s response against
"We know from previous studies in non-human
primates that CD8 T cells played a crucial role in
protecting animals" who got the vaccine and then
were exposed to Ebola, said researcher Julie
Ledgerwood, the trial`s principal investigator.
None of the volunteers experienced serious side
effects within the study period, though two had a
brief, mild fever within the 24 hours after the
The vaccine uses a modified chimpanzee cold
virus to deliver segments of genetic material from
the Ebola virus.
The genetic material cannot spread in the body
like the virus does, but can still prompt the
antibody response.
The version tested at NIH contains material from
two species of Ebola -- the Zaire species,
responsible for the outbreak in West Africa, and
another called Sudan Ebola.
"This work is encouraging and another significant
contribution to efforts to tackle the Ebola crisis,"
said Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome
The White House also congratulated the vaccine
"We congratulate Drs Francis Collins and Tony
Fauci and their teams at the National Institutes of
Health on the first published results from Phase 1
clinical trials of a promising Ebola vaccine
candidate," a White House statement said, adding
that President Barack Obama would visit the NIH
next week.
A second version of the vaccine, aimed at
blocking just Zaire Ebola, also began human
testing in October, at the University of Maryland.
Another experimental vaccine that has shown
promising results in primates is the Canadian
VSV-EBOV, licensed by US firm NewLink Genetics.
It is also in early stages of human testing.
The World Health Organization said Thursday that
the global death toll from the Ebola virus had
increased to 5,689 out of a total of 15,935 cases
of infection, almost entirely in western Africa.
The new numbers increased the death toll by 230
people and a 584 case increase from reports last
The WHO believes that the number of deaths is
likely far higher, given the difficulty in collecting
comprehensive figures and Ebola`s high fatality
The first case discovered in the current outbreak
was in Guinea in December 2013.

Monday, 24 November 2014

10 Toughest IT Certifications Ever!

Do you think IT certifications are boring or it is not tough to get an IT certification? Well, you have come to the right place. We bring to you 10 toughest IT certifications ever to break and redo the myths. These programmes have been listed on the basis of 3 basic criteria, 1. difficulty level of basic requirements to sit in the exam, 2. difficulty level of exam preparations, 3. difficulty level of the final examination.

IT, it certifications, Wireless, Networking, Linux, Virtualization, Security, Database, IT Management, Windows, top 10 certifications

So here we go:

10. Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE)

Specialization: Wireless

It’s the highest vendor-neutral wireless certification. 109 people have this title.

To become a CWNE, you must have valid CWSP, CWAP, CWDP and CWNA certifications; three years of documented enterprise Wi-Fi implementation experience; three professional endorsements; two other valid networking certifications and documentation of three enterprise Wi-Fi projects, in which you participated or led. Well that sounds too overloaded, although preparation process and the exam itself is easy as compared to other exams on this page. Only one exam is required after completing all the requirements.

Requirements: 4/5
Hard to Prepare: 1/5
Hard to Pass: 1/5

9. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center

Specialization: Networking

The CCIE Data Center certification was introduced last year. At this moment only one person have achieved this title. Many engineers including Iwan Hoogendoorn and Rick Mur are preparing for this certification. There are no requirements for the CCIE Data Center certification. You need only to pass one written, qualification exam.

Although the preparation is what is the biggest challenge in here. If you don’t work for Cisco or a big Cisco’s partner, you must spend a lot of money on that. According to FryGuy’s blog the equipment costs more that $1,100,000. On the Iwan’s blog you can find a list of equipment for the lab. The exam costs $1500. It’s a 8-hour long lab. During that time you must configure required tasks from the exam guide.

Requirements: 1/5
Hard to Prepare: 4/5
Hard to Pass: 2/5

8. Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)

Specialization: Linux

This is probably the toughest Linux certifications to get in the world. Exams require a lot of skills and a lot of money. One need to pass the RHCE certification. During the preparation process one need to master their Linux skills in network management, system management, storage management, system monitoring, performance tuning and virtualization.

But the passing is the most difficult part here, you need to pass 5 lab exams which lasts from 2 to 8 hours. There are no courses and preparation materials, cost almost $5000.

Requirements: 1/5
Hard to Prepare: 2/5
Hard to Pass: 4/5

7. VMware Certified Design Expert – Datacenter Virtualization (VCDX)

Specialization: Virtualization

Only 105-115 people hold the VCDX certification. Most of them work for VMware. You must hold three VMware certifications VCP-DV, VCAP5-DCA and VCAP5-DCD. The preparation process isn’t too easy, because VMWare doesn’t provide any self-study materials or detailed requirements for the exam.

For the exam you must submit your VCDX5-DV application. After an acceptance you must successfully present and defend a VMware vSphere based virtual infrastructure design and implementation plan to the board (people with the VCDX certification).

Requirements: 3/5
Hard to Prepare: 2/5
Hard to Pass: 3/5

6. Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE)

Specialization: Security

It’s one of the coolest certifications to achieve. There are no big requirements for this certification. Only one training is required. For preparation you need to sharpen your security skills which includes penetration testing, reverse engineering and coding.

But the exam is a real nightmare. You have 48 hours to research the network (information gathering), identify any vulnerabilities, and execute their attacks with the goal of compromising the systems to gain administrative access. 48 hours of problems, impossible tasks and working without sleeping.

Requirements: 1/5
Hard to Prepare: 2/5
Hard to Pass: 5/5

5. Oracle Certified Master (OCM) DBA 11g

Specialization: Database

The OCM DBA exam is a real nightmare, but the certification itself has many benefits on the job market. To become OCM from zero you must pass three normal exams for OCA and OCP, take three official trainings ($2000 – $3000 each). In these days you can prepare to all the topics without physical machines (hint: virtualization). Although, still some subjects (FC and InfiniBand) require from you access to the “real” stuff. The exam is 2-day long practical lab.

Requirements: 4/5
Hard to Prepare: 1/5
Hard to Pass: 3/5

4. GIAC Security Expert (GSE)

Specialization: Security

Only around 60 people right now have the GSE certification. You must pass at least 5 GIAC certifications, including GSEC, GCIH and GCIA. You do not need any special equipment or training, but you need to understand theoretical and practical almost every aspect of security. The GSE exam has two parts. The first is a multiple choice exam which may be taken at a proctored location just like any other GIAC exam. The second consists of a rigorous battery of hands-on exercises drawn from all the security domains. The full exam costs $1600.

Requirements: 3/5
Hard to Prepare: 4/5
Hard to Pass: 3/5

3. Cisco Certified Architect – CCAr

Specialization: Networking

Only 10-15 people achieved the Cisco Certified Architect title. To become a CCAr you must first achieve the CCDE certification (CCDE was introduced in 2007 and only 85 people achieved this title). You won’t find any preparation materials for this certification. The scope of the exam is extremely wide: from high-level business requirements analyze to low-level routing protocols’ configuration. The total cost of the exam is $15000. You first need too submit an application summarizing your project experience and other qualifications. Once approved, you will be given an architecture challenge and will meet live with Board members (other Cisco Certified Architects and Cisco Distinguished Engineers) to answer questions and defend your design. After that you will receive the score: Pass or Fail.

Requirements: 4/5
Hard to Prepare: 5/5
Hard to Pass:5/5

2. ITIL v3 Master

Specialization: IT Management

At this moment only 33 people successfully finished the certification process. To become ITIL v3 Master, you must first become ITIL v3 Expert. You must pass at least 5 ITIL certifications and additionally, you must have present your experience before taking the final ITIL v3 Master board exam (at least five years in leadership, managerial, or higher management advisory levels). As for the preparations most of the knowledge is gained during a preparation process to the ITIL v3 Expert and your experience with the ITIL framework.

The examination process is very complexed. One need to complete the application process, submit a proposal outlining the real life situation and the elements of ITIL to be applied to the situation, submit the Work Package and after all this you will be invited to an interview. The whole process takes 30 weeks.

Requirements: 5/5
Hard to Prepare: 3/5
Hard to Pass: 5/5

1. Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) Windows Server: Directory

Specialization: Windows

Only 4 people have the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) Windows Server: Directory certification. Today Microsoft offers 4 different MCA certifications: MCA: Microsoft Exchange Server, MCA: Microsoft SharePoint Server, MCA: Microsoft SQL Server and MCA: Windows Server: Directory. Please keep in mind that each of these is on the same level.

To become MCA you must first become a Microsoft Certified Master. You will require two other certifications for this process, you will also need 5-year of documented experience and need to pass two additional exams: a written and a 6-hour long lab. There are no trainings and preparation materials for the exam. You must be prepared to resolve the most complex scenarios and design the biggest Active Directory domains. After registering, acceptance and payment ($7500) you must prepare you work history and a few high-level case study design documents. Next you must attend a few-hour review with the other MCAs.

Requirements: 5/5
Hard to Prepare: 4/5
Hard to Pass: 4/5

12 Type Of Servers And What They Do!

The best geek is the one who learns and knows about everything in tech, and to help out our awesome techie readers out there we bring a good to know list of 12 types of servers and what do they do. Enjoy!

Servers, type of servers, server types, list server, mail server, what is server, open source server, server platform, FTP server, TCP

1. Real-Time Communication Servers
Also known as chat servers or IRC, and sometimes known as instant messaging (IM) servers, these servers are meant to allow huge number users to exchange information instantly.

2. FTP Servers
This is one of the oldest of the Internet services available. The FTP or File Transfer Protocol allows the users to securely transfer one or more files of any size between two computers.

3. Collaboration Servers
In many ways, collaboration software, once called 'groupware,' demonstrates the original power of the Web. Collaboration software designed to enable users to collaborate, regardless of location, via the Internet or a corporate intranet and to work together in a virtual atmosphere.

4. List Servers
List servers lets users better manage their mass mailing lists like open interactive discussions or one-way lists to deliver newsletters, announcements or advertising.

5. Telnet Servers
The Telnet server lets the users on to a host computer control and work on remote computers.

6. Web Servers
At its core, a Web server serves static content to a Web browser by loading a file from a disk and serving it across the network to a user's Web browser. This entire exchange is mediated by the browser and server talking to each other using HTTP.

7. Virtual Servers
A virtual server is a web server which shares its resources with multiple users. It's another way of saying that multiple web sites share the resources of one server.

8. Proxy Servers
Proxy server is a server which acts as an intermediary for requests between the users and the servers. Client connects to the proxy server and the proxy server evaluates the requests sent by the users simplifies them and control their complexities.

9. Mail Servers
Mail servers help in moving and storing the e-mail over a network via LANs and WANs or across the Internet.

10. Server Platforms
Normally used in same context with that of operating systems, server platforms are the platforms that are under the hardware or software of a system and the hence in the engine that drives the server.

11. Open Source Servers
Similar to server platforms, Open source server are referred to the underlying open source operating system used in the IT infrastructures of the companies.

12. Application Servers
Application servers are a type of middleware which connects the database servers and the app users.

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25 Open Source Alternatives For Costly Applications!

Over the years, it has been observed the prices of proprietary software have been rising year to year. Many software that were known to be pricey have switched to a software as a service (SaaS) pricing model. This appears less costly as it is based on a monthly subscription than a fee.

Software, Proprietary, Open source, SaaS, Subscription, Projects,  Tools, OS, Accounting, Price, XIWA

There are also some proprietary software that have seen a dip in price this year with some becoming free. Here is a list of open source software projects that can replace very expensive software. Let’s take a look at 25 under various heads below.


1. Edoceo Imperium – This is for Quick Books Pro costing $249.95 or $12.95 per month and Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting costing $379.99 and up. It is a Web-based application that tracks quotes, work orders, invoices, contacts, customers and vendors. It also offers double-entry accounting capabilities and can be integrated with Google Calendar and other apps. It does not require an OS. You can download it from here

2. FrontAccounting – This is for QuickBooksPro costing $249.95 or $12.95 per month) and Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting costing $379.99 and up. It has both accounting and basic ERP planning that are ideal for small businesses supporting various languages and currencies and also many businesses. It is Operating System independent. You can download it from here

3. TurboCASH – This is for QuickBooksPro costing $249.95 or $12.95 per month and Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting costing $379.99 and up. This is another accounting package made for SMBs. It features stock control, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, reporting and analysis capabilities. It works on Windows. You can download it from here

4. XIWA – This is for QuickBooksPro costing $249.95 or $12.95 per month and Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting costing $379.99 and up. It is a Linux-based accounting program that has been around since 1999. It has multi-user support, multi-company support, payroll, stock/investment tracking, reporting and more. You can download it from here

Audio Recording/Editing

5. Audacity – This is for Apple LogicPro costing $199.99 and FL Studio Producer Edition costing $199. It permits amateur musicians in recording and editing multi-track recordings. Its latest version comes with an improved reverb tool and the ability to record computer playback and many new commands, which simplify the editing process. It works on Windows, Linux, OS X.

You can download it from here

6. Frinika – This is for Apple LogicPro costing $199.99 and FL Studio Producer Edition costing $199. It is Java-based. It is not very advanced as some other options, but has a sequencer, midi support, soft synthesizers, audio recorder, piano roll/tracker/notation editing and more. It is Operating System Independent. You can download it from here

7. Linux MultiMedia Studio – This is for AppleLogicPro costing $199.99 and FL Studio Producer Edition costing $199. It makes it quite simple to compose and/or produce your own music and comes with a song editor, beat+bassline editor, piano roll, 64-channel FX mixer, standards support and more. It works on Windows and Linux. You can download it from here

Business Intelligence

8. Jaspersoft – This is for Oracle Business Intelligence Standard costing $5,000+, Microsoft Dynamics costing $27,150 or $178 per month per user) and IBM Cognos Express costing $25 per user per month and up. It is an open source and popular business intelligence software. It is Operating System Independent. You can download it from here

9. Jedox – This is for Oracle Business Intelligence Standard costing $5,000+, Microsoft Dynamics costing $27,150 or $178 per month per user) and IBM Cognos Express costing $25 per user per month and up. It offers planning and forecasting, reporting and analysis, sales management, procurement management and project management. It is Operating System independent. You can download it from here

10. Pentaho – This is for Oracle Business Intelligence Standard costing $5,000, Microsoft Dynamics costing $27,150 or $178 per month per user and IBM Cognos Express costing $25 per user per month and up. It provides a range of commercial analytics and big data products with Lufthansa, Telefonica and Marketo as its clients. It works on Windows, Linux and OS X. You can download it from here

Business Process Management

11. ProcessMaker – This is for IBM Business Process Manager Express costing $45,100 and up. It's available in paid cloud, on-premise enterprise and SugarCRM editions. It also has a free community version. It works on Windows and Linux. You can download it from here

12. BRL-CAD – This is for AutoCAD costing $4,195 and up. It is used by the U.S. military for over twenty years. It is a solid geometry modeling and editing package having over 400 tools, utilities, and applications assisting with design and analysis of vehicles, mechanical parts, and architecture. It also has radiation dose planning, medical visualization and education. It works on Windows, Linux, OS X and others. You can download it from here

13. FreeCAD – This is for AutoCAD costing $4,195 and up. It is a parametric modeling tool made with mechanical engineers and product designers in mind. It supports many industry-standard CAD file formats. It works on Windows, Linux, OS X and others. You can download it from here

14. Archimedes – This is for AutoCAD costing $4,195 and up. It is a Java-based bare-bones CAD system idea for certain architects and students. It works on Windows, Linux and OS X.
You can download it from here

Customer Relationship Management

15. Sugar Community Edition – This is for Sage ACT! costing $269.99 and up, Microsoft Dynamics CRM costing $65 per user per month and up and Oracle CRM on Demand costing $75 per user per month and up. It has millions of users that include personnel at Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Men's Warehouse, ThyssenKrupp System Engineering and others. It is independent of Operating System. You can download it from here

16. vTiger – This is for Sage ACT! costing $269.99 and up, Microsoft Dynamics CRM costing $65 per user per month and up and Oracle CRM on Demand costing $75 per user per month and up. It has over 10,000 customers. It is aimed at assisting enterprises "get organized, grow sales, boost marketing ROI, and deliver delightful customer experiences." It works on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. You can download it from here

17. Orange Leap – This is for Sage ACT! costing $269.99 and up. It is ideal for non-profits and aimed at creating managing contacts especially fundraising contacts simpler. It works on Windows. You can download it from here

18. SourceTap – This is for Sage ACT! costing $269.99 and up, Microsoft Dynamics CRM costing $65 per user per month and up and Oracle CRM on Demand costing $75 per user per month and up. It is created basically for sales team members offering lead, account and opportunity management tools. It works on Windows and Linux. You can download it from here

19. SplendidCRM – This is for Sage ACT! costing $269.99 and up, Microsoft Dynamics CRM costing $65 per user per month and up and Oracle CRM on Demand costing $75 per user per month and up. Its latest version of Splendid has a new survey model, 42 new standard reports, Google Apps Sync, an HTML5 calendar and more. It works on Windows. Click here

20. ConcourseSuite – This is for Sage ACT! costing $269.99 and up, Microsoft Dynamics CRM costing $65 per user per month and up and Oracle CRM on Demand costing $75 per user per month and up. It is a Java-based apps that is aimed at providing a 360° view of your customer, tracking leads, opportunities, marketing and customer support functions. It works on Windows, Linux and OS X. Click here


21. MySQL – This is for Microsoft SQL Server standard costing $898 and up. It is used by organizations including Facebook, Google, Adobe, Alcatel Lucent and Zappos. It has been for a long time among the most popular databases for use with the Web offering scalability, flexibility, high performance and more. It works on Windows, Linux, Unix and OS X. Click here

22. Firebird – This is for Microsoft SQL Server standard costing $898 and up. It was launched in 1981 and is a mature SQL database boasting cross-platform support, multi-generation architecture, logging and monitoring capabilities, great security and more. It works on Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X and Solaris. Click here

23. Kexi – This is for Microsoft Office Access 2013 costing $109.99 and FileMakerPro12 costing $299. Kexi has a familiar set of desktop database features. Notable capabilities include full visual designers for tables, queries and forms; support for parameterized queries; support for object data; lookup columns; advanced import tools and more. It works on Windows, Linux and OS X. Click here

Desktop Publishing

24. Scribus – This is for InDesign CS5 costing $19.99 per user per month and up, QuarkXPress costing $849 and Microsoft Publisher costing $109.99. It is a professional-caliber page layout program performing color separations, CMYK and spot colors, ICC color management, PDF creation and more. It works on Windows, Linux and OS X. Click here

25. MiKTeX – This is for InDesign CS5 costing $19.99 per user per month and up, QuarkXPRess costing $849 and Microsoft Publisher costing $109.99. It is a publishing solution for making scientific and mathematical text look beautiful. It works on Windows and Linux. Click here

10 Places For Freelance Designers And Programmers To Find Work

Working as a freelancer have many advantages and is a dream for many designers as this not only gives you the freedom to choose the jobs you really want to do but also lets you work in a flexibile atmosphere in terms of time and place of work. Although there is always a flip side to the coin, what if some day you are totally out of projects? To help you with that, we bring to you 10 places that might come in handy in finding your dream projects!

Programmer, designer, freelance programmer, find freelance jobs, free lance jobs, freelance jobs, freelance designers

1. GetAFreelancer

You can both grab a project or post it on this platform. The website is a galaxy of skilled web designers, copywriters or freelance programmers. You can find and give work at the best prices.

2. Odesk

Established in 2004, this website was one revolution in the work marketplace. The website is a win-win for both freelancers and the employers. Employers can find the top-flight talent and the professionals can find jobs with an average worth of $5,000.

3. RentACoder

Rent a coder is a website where a software developer can get plenty of jobs and in return can earn plenty of money. This is perfectly a legit site and the fact that it is only a medium for giving work to interested hunters makes it tempting.

4. Project4hire

This freelance marketplace offers an array of opportunities to contractors and thereby require them to pay a small amount as a commission to tech site, on being awarded a project. Apart from this, it is easy to use and a great platform to post projects and find freelance professionals like coders, consultants, graphic designers, software developers.

5. FreelancingJob

Webmasters need to have several jobs put together to frame a compelling website. This includes copy-writing, website designing, coding, web developer and several others. Find them all at this emerging online platform.

6. GetACoder

The growth of a business is decided by the resources that it is able to explore and access, to get the competitive advantage. Save costs and enhance efficiencies by outsourcing your programming, writing and web designing jobs to the right people at this famous online freelance portal.

7. Pro-Freelance

Pro-Freelance is a platform where freelancers can find all freelance projects from most important sites and the projects owners can find best experts at the best price. you can also freely propose your services on our classified page.

8. Smashing Jobs

A great thing about posting your job on this site is that the jobs listed here are soon featured among one of the top 20 blogs of the world. This is again a nice job portal to find programming and designing jobs, besides all others.

9. Elance

A famous online portal for freelancers, this is an ultimate place to meet professionals with business, technical and marketing expertise to get work done at an affordable price.

10. Guru

Like other freelance websites, this is another source to find the indutry’s most ultimate professionals from world over. However, safer way to pay through Escrow gives this site an edge over other freelance sites. From business, creative arts to technology, select your favorite category and get started.

500 Free eBooks On Programming!

Searching for a free ebook on programming? Look no more, here's bringing to you 500 ebooks for all your programming needs!

Here we bring to you an uncategorized list ebooks on programming which are available for free download. The list covers books on all major programming languages including Ada, Assembly, C, C#, C++, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Pascal, Haskell, Java, Lisp, PHP, Prolog, Python, Ruby, and many more. It also includes books on game programming and software engineering. So scroll down, pick, download, read and have fun!
001. The Design Patterns Java Companion
       James W. Cooper |
       Published in 1998, 218 pages
002. Thinking in Enterprise Java
       Bruce Eckel et. al. | MindView, Inc.
       Published in 2003
003. The Ugly JavaScript Book
       John H. Keyes |
       Published in 2001
004. Maven: The Complete Reference
       Tim O'Brien, at al. | Sonatype, Inc.
       Published in 2010
005. PHP with Guru99
       Krishna Rungta | Smashwords
       Published in 2013, 151 pages
006. Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book
       Jeremy McAnally |
       Published in 2006, 147 pages
007. Ada Programming
        | Wikibooks
       Published in 2007, 242 pages
008. Java Persistence
       James Sutherland, Doug Clarke | Wikibooks
       Published in 2012, 130 pages
009. Java Testing and Design
       Frank Cohen | Prentice Hall PTR
       Published in 2004, 544 pages
010. Practical Smalltalk: Using Smalltalk/V
       Dan Shafer, Dean A. Ritz | Springer
       Published in 1991, 251 pages
011. Ada 95: The Lovelace Tutorial
       David A. Wheeler | Springer
       Published in 1996, 293 pages
012. Starting FORTH
       Leo Brodie | FORTH, Inc.
       Published in 2009, 346 pages
013. Another tour of Scala
       David Copeland |
       Published in 2010
014. Python for Education
       Ajith Kumar | Inter University Accelerator Centre
       Published in 2010, 110 pages
015. The Haskell School of Music
       Paul Hudak | Yale University
       Published in 2012, 353 pages
016. More Servlets and JavaServer Pages
       Marty Hall | Pearson Education
       Published in 2001, 752 pages
017. Programming Windows Phone 7
       Charles Petzold | Microsoft Press
       Published in 2010, 1013 pages
018. Computer Science Logo Style
       Brian Harvey | The MIT Press
       Published in 1997, 1068 pages
019. Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide
       Dominic Betts, at al. | Microsoft Press
       Published in 2011
020. Programming Fundamentals: A Modular Structured Approach Using C++
       Kenneth Leroy Busbee | Connexions
       Published in 2011, 331 pages
021. Test-Driven Development with Python
       Harry Percival | O'Reilly Media
       Published in 2013
022. Learn Prolog Now!
       Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos, Kristina Striegnitz | College Publications
       Published in 2006, 284 pages
023. 88 C Programs
       JT Kalnay | Smashwords
       Published in 2012, 296 pages
024. Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example
       Michael Hartl | Addison-Wesley
       Published in 2010
025. Picking Up Perl
       Bradley M. Kuhn |
       Published in 2001, 66 pages
026. Creating a Simple 3D Game with XNA
        | Wikibooks
       Published in 2010
027. Java Enterprise Performance
       Alois Reitbauer, et al. | Compuware Corporation
       Published in 2012
028. The Oracle PHP Cookbook
       John Alphonse, Justin Kestelyn | Oracle
       Published in 2009
029. Industrial Strength C++
       Mats Henricson, Erik Nyquist | Prentice Hall
       Published in 1996, 244 pages
030. Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
       Josh Cogliati | Wikibooks
       Published in 2005, 90 pages
031. Computer Science: Abstraction to Implementation
       Robert M. Keller | Harvey Mudd College
       Published in 2001, 627 pages
032. Sams Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours
       Rogers Cadenhead, Mark Taber | Sams
       Published in 1999, 429 pages
033. Foundations of Computer Science
       Lawrence C Paulson | University of Cambridge
       Published in 2000, 155 pages
034. Dive Into Python
       Mark Pilgrim | Apress
       Published in 2004, 413 pages
035. Standard ECMA-334 C# Language Specification
        | Ecma International
       Published in 2006, 553 pages
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450. Repository Management with Nexus
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458. Software Optimization Resources
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462. Javascript FAQ
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466. Essential Delphi
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       Greg Perry | Sams
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468. Parallel Programming in Fortran 95 using OpenMP
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       Canol Goekel |
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476. PyQt4 Tutorial
       Jan Bodnar | ZetCode
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500. Ada-95: A guide for C and C++ programmers
       Simon Johnston | Ada Home
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