Saturday, 27 September 2014

10 Steps To Make A Successful Mobile App!

Building apps to make profits out of the Android and iOS markets is a trend today. From Silicon Valley to Bangalore, developers everywhere are looking for opportunities to enter the markets and make the best of their skills. If you have dreams of becoming a developer too, then here's what you need to do!

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1. Get a Feel for the Market

When creating a mobile application, you need to know the market and how it works. Your market in this case refers to the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store. Both of these stores have material showing the top paid apps, top free apps, top grossing apps etc. You would do well to study them and mould your app in a way that would get you money.

2. Align Your Ideas with Successful Apps

This is an arguable point, but while many have benefitted from it, many argue against it as well. Some people go for innovation based on apps that are already succesfull and they have gained accolades and cash for their efforts. But coming up with something entirely new is also a good way to go. Proponents of both these approaches exist.

3. Design Your App's Experience

Lay out a design for your app, either by hand or by using software like Photoshop. Having a visual aid for designing the app is most important, so make sure that you have also placed your designs on paper. You could use other apps as a reference too.

4. Register as a Developer

When you're done laying out the groundwork for your application, you need to register as a developer on the platform that you have chosen to build for. The word developer is often confused with one that has programming knowledge. This is not true, a developer is simply a person who publishes apps on an App Store. Many say that the iOS platform is more profitable than Android. Android though has more users.

5. Find Prospective Programmers

Whether you lack programming skills or not, it is important to hire other programmers to work with you. The more minds that work on a code, better are your chances of building a very good app.

6. Sign NDA, Share Your Idea, Hire Your Programmer

Every programmer that you hire should sign a non-disclosure agreement. It is important to protect your code and ideas and the work that you and your company are doing.

7. Start Coding

Icon: Your programmers need to first create an icon for the app that you're creating.

Hello, World!: This is a simple program that takes a programmer less than 10 minutes to write. This will give you an idea of how efficient and dedicated they are. They should deliver it to you along with the icon.

App Delivery: The first test version of the app is an ad hoc, which gives you an idea of how the app will perform on a smartphone. You make changes to this and eventually reach the final stage.

8. Test Your App

Testing your app is very important, considered by many to be the most important step in app making. You will find bugs, fix glitches and only after thorough testing can you launch your app.

9. Post Your App to the Market

This is the end of your app building cycle from the programmer and coding point of view. It is advisable to allow your programmer(s) to show you how to post the app to the concerned market. This is because they are better versed in the process.

10. Market Your App

Without marketing your app will stand nowhere. This means that your app needs to be seen amongst the millions that there are on the Play Store or iTunes Store. You need to spend on marketing endeavours in order to accomplish this.

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