Saturday, 27 September 2014

Are You An IT Pro? Try These 8 Amazing Apps!

ch day to manage the technical aspects of your company. Of course the perks are endless, as such IT pros don't mind working those extra hours to ensure they play crucial role in the growth and betterment of their company. There are lot many apps in the Android market that IT pros could use to make their job simpler. Here are 8 amazing apps.

IT Pro, inSSIDer, Bubble, Daylight Zone, Fing, HP iLO Mobile, Citrix Receiver, Sound Meter,


Finally, a serious tool designed to show you exactly what your Wi-Fi environment looks like, both physically and logically. inSSIDer identifies signal overlap, channel conflicts, and configuration issues that are degrading your wireless network performance.


Hold any of the phone's four sides against an object to test it for plumb/level, or lay it down on a flat surface for a 360° level.

3.Daylight Zone

This app shows world map divided into day and night portions. Digital clock can be put over the map, and most of the settings can be done on touch screen. So this app can make android tablets a table clock.

4.Fing - Network Tools

Find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, in just a few seconds. Fast and accurate, Fing is a professional App for network analysis. A simple and intuitive interface helps you evaluate security levels, detect intruders and resolve network issues.

5.HP iLO Mobile

The HP iLO Mobile application provides access to the remote console of your HP ProLiant server from your Android device. The mobile app interacts directly with the iLO processor on HP ProLiant servers, providing total control of the server at all times as long as the server is plugged in.

6.Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver lets you access your enterprise files, applications, and desktops to help you be as productive on the go as you are in the office. If your company uses Citrix, you have the freedom to work on your favorite device from wherever you are.

7.Sound Meter

Sound Level Meter is in the 4th set of the Smart Tools collection (noise, decibel meter). SPL(sound pressure level) meter app uses your built-in microphone to measure noise volume in decibels(db), and shows a reference.

8.SonicWALL Mobile Connect

SonicWALL Mobile Connect provides users full network-level access to corporate and academic resources over encrypted SSL VPN connections. The client provides anytime, anywhere access to critical applications such as email, virtual desktop sessions and other Android applications.

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