Saturday, 10 January 2015

Top 6 Live Chat Software For Websites

The most crucial part of online business is the way to get in touch with customers. The best way to do this is real-time chat program. Live chat software have been around for long time now. Only professional marketeers have been using these chat programs to communicate with client and potential customers.

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Live Chat software have great benefits. It’s not just the way of communicating with new customers but it has huge and wide important benefit of utilising live chat software on your business website, there are number of reasons why your business site should have live chat option. Today we have listed six live chat softwares that you can easily integrate in your website.

1. Kayako:

Kayako is a simple customer service software for websites. The installation and customisation of Kayako is very user friendly. It delivers unmatched customer support experience to users. The company has been around for more than ten years now. Kayako is leading online support systems out there. The software provides really exciting features such as instant support, referring channels. Kayako has a great incentive to drive customers to your website. You can even access the geographic information of your customer using Kayako.

2. LiveZilla:

LiveZilla lets you separately host Support Server. LiveZilla’s windows client lets you control all your websites under one dashboard. It is a perfect contact platform. You can even customize the online web form, your website visitors can leave you message when they need help. The software also has strong algorithm to identify and filter spams.

3. LiveChat:

LiveChat is flexible online chat support software for websites. The software follows modern design approach for the software platform. The company has worked hard to provide features for e-commerce sites, social media and feedback forms. You can sign up on the website at cost of just $39. LiveChat is a great analytics dashboard tool that can help you understand the user behavior. The software has annual plan that offers reasonable discount.

4. Olark:

Olark is focused to deliver webmasters and business owners to get in touch with their visitors and potential customers in efficient way. The company offers easy CRM integration with helpdesk software. The software is very user friendly. You can choose from already existing templates or you can access the developer API yourself and build your own live chat system using Olark features.

5. WhosOn:

All live chat systems provide more or less same features, the goal of live chat system is to provide support to customers. WhosOn offers advanced support feature of video chat and real-time text translation. The real-time translation lets operator and visitor communicate in different languages. The software can translate the conversation in both directions in real-time in over 45 languages. The real-time translation comes as a premium feature.

6. Zopim:

Zopim is built in HTML5, which improves the UX of live chat system. The software is being used by more than 50,000 businesses. The live chat software provided by Zopim can work seamlessly even on modern smartphone browser. The lite package of Zopim is completely free. The free version offers only one person support and history up to two weeks while, the paid version can be used to support multiple customers at a time.
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