Saturday, 10 January 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why Java Programming Language Is A Must!

Java, considered one of the best programming languages ever, has so many reasons to become the favourite among developers. Java's popularity has been growing immensely and with new versions, performance has kept improving and Android app development has been made easier. In terms of job opportunities too, Java is the best language to learn. So here we will discuss the top ten reasons why Java language should be learnt anyhow, without any miss.

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Reason #1:

Java is the programming language which can be learnt in the easiest way possible. Java's syntax is fluent and it makes it easy to read Java programme and learn it faster than other languages. If the learner gets familiar with installing JDK and setting up PATH, then it's easy to write programme in Java.

Reason #2:

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language and it also helps to keep system modular and flexible. If the key concept of OOPS is clear to you, then Java can help with its best practices and design patterns. Java promotes use of SOLID and Object oriented design principles in form of open source projects.

Reason #3:

Java has rich API and it's highly visible with Java installation. Java programming beginners usually code applets which provide animation capability. It also provides API for I/O, networking, utilities, xml parsing, database connection and more.

Reason #4:

Java has huge contribution by Eclipse and Netbeans and coding in IDE is a huge pleasure. DOS Editor and Notepad help in code completion and they also provide powerful debugging capability. Java development is made easier by IDE as IDEs make it easy to search, refactor and read codes too. Java platform has several tools for building Java applications too.

Reason #5:

Java can be used anywhere, thanks to open source libraries. Great libraries have come from Apache, Google and other similar organisations and Java development is made easier, faster and cost effective too.

Reason #6:

Java gets huge strength from communities as communities contribute a lot to share knowledge. Java has many active forums and these forums help Java beginners a lot.

Reason #7:

Cost is always an important factor for learning any language and as Java is a free language, you don't need to pay anything to create any Java application. Java is mostly popular for this reason and Java programmers are easily available for any enterprise too.

Reason #8:

Java has some great piece of documentation which discusses Java API and the method of coding with Java. With IDE, Javadoc doesn't require any browser now as it can be opened in an IDE window only.

Reason #9:

Java complies with every platform and this is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. Java's tagline itself proves how much exciting it can prove for any programmer - "write once run anywhere".

Reason #10:

Java is prevalent everywhere – on desktops, on mobiles and across every platform. Java programmers are highly available and that's why every organisation prefers Java to develop any new programme.
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