Saturday, 10 January 2015

10 Ways To Make Learning Ruby The Most Fun Ever!

Would you rather learn a programming language by sitting down and reading books on it? Well, we're not saying that's not important, but once you have acquired some skills in the language, challenges and contests based on that language are the best ways to learn it at an advanced level. Try these websites out for challenges, competitions and even games that'll teach you Ruby!

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1. Ruby Quiz: This website hosts a quiz on every Friday, giving users the weekend (48 hours) to solve the quiz. The solutions can then be posted on the discussion forums.

2. CodeKata: These are practice sessions on Ruby that help you sharpen your skills in the language. Each practice session is known as a Kata.

3. Project Euler: The list of problems hosted on this website is growing by the day. You usually need to solve the problems using mathematics. You can check and tally your answer once done.

4. Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies: If you’re an expert Ruby user then these challenges may not be as interesting for you. The challenges hosted here are usually posted by the community itself.

5. Coding Dojo: In martial arts, the dojo is the place for training and sparring. This is a website where a group of coders come together to work over a particular problem (kata).

6. Ruby Battleship: This website hosts an online Ruby battleship competition. You have to build your own player and then submit it. Install Limelight to watch your player battle.

7. RRobots: This is a pretty old competition or game for Ruby. You build your own artificial intelligence in this and control the robot tanks and destroy your enemies.

8. RubyWarrior: This is a game that teaches you Ruby in an interactive manner. In this game, you play a warrior who has to climb to the top of a set of stairs. Only, you have to do this using your code.

9. Rails Rumble: This competition was first started in 2007 and has been going on since then. You get 48 hours to develop a web app in Ruby and you have to do your best.

10. TechGig: This is another website that you can use in order to participate in Ruby and Rails contests and test yourself against others.
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