Saturday, 10 January 2015

Here’s How To Use Your Open Source Project To Get A Job!

Are you fond of working on open source projects? Well, open source projects give a great experience and help you nurture and develop skill-set. There is no reason why an employer should not value your experience just because you worked on open source project from home. Here are five ways to obtain a full time job with open source project experience.
The Project Reflects You
Make sure that the project that you choose is a good one. It should look good on your resume. Finding a project that makes your resume look good can be hard sometimes but if that impresses employers. You need to make sure that even small small parts of the project are top notch. In eyes of your employer, you are responsible for each and every part of the project. For example, if you are working on a project which has great social impact and user base but it has poor UI and, if your employer is concerned about the UI, your work will not impress him. It is important that you cross check the project before choosing, even small parts of the project reflects your work.
Open Source as Networking
Most of the developers, open source enthusiasts are always in front of the computer screen but that shouldn’t limit your social interaction. In today’s world, you can leverage social media and make a great use of social media to develop your social network. Open source communities are really large and have great user-base. You can always use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to develop a circle of like-minded people. This network of people are the going to be key players in getting you a job.
You should know the background of the company before even applying to it. The company culture can define your future career. If company loves open source then your work is definitely going to be valued there. If you love working in some specific office environment, you can work efficiently and prove your productivity. You need to find a company with suitable culture for you.
Openly Accessible Work
Everything about open source is very open. In today’s internet era, everything that you do, all projects that you work on, the discussions you be part of can be found and seen on the internet. All your open source work is available to everyone with internet. So you need to make are that you are very careful in how you present yourself online. Your future employer is definitely going to run a background check on you before offering you a job, your image should look very mature and sophisticated to him at that time.
It is very important that you mention about your project during job interview. You can discuss the project in professional manner. You should talk about the deadlines, bug reports and fixes during the interview. Do not have very heated conversation about your open source interview. But make sure that you cover deadlines, documentation, source-code control and user support for the project during the interview.
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