Saturday, 10 January 2015

15 Great Free Android Tutorials

Android Programming language utilizes specialized form of Java. Android is known to be a software stack consisting of an operating system, key applications and middle-ware. It is ideal for different kinds of mobiles and tablets. that provide a detailed description of all the aspects of an Android App along with the capabilities of an Android platform. Please refer to the links below-

1. Official Developer Tutorial – This is made by the android community and open source developers. It is a getting started tutorial designed for beginner developers.

2.Official Developer Tutorials Community - This is created by android community and is designed for experienced developers.

3.Tutorial by Lars Vogel -This is free single page web based tutorial created by Lars Vogel.

4.Android Tutorials By Core Servlets - This site consists of a series of android tutorial with exercise for each section. It also has some other good Java related tutorials for free.

5.Android Hive – This is a android tutorials blog by a enthusiastic android developer (Ravi Tamada) for sharing his knowledge and experience with the world.

Free Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are a great way to begin with Android. It is a huge tutorial series that is available online containing tons of free content, which is bound to teach you coding in the best possible manner. Please refer to the links below-

1. Chet Haase Android Tutorials on YouTube - Some great and simple tutorial by maker of Google and author CHET HAASE on youtube are, please see the links below:-

o DevBytes: View Animations
DevBytes: View Animations
o DevBytes: Property Animations
DevBytes: Property Animations
o DevBytes: Window Animations
DevBytes: Window Animations
o DevBytes: CrossFading Animations
DevBytes: CrossFading Animations

2.By Udemy

3.By OreillyMedia

4.By MarakanaTechTV" target="_blank">By MarakanaTechTV

5.By Android User Group
Free E-books - The web is filled with over a hundred of free e-books on Android programming containing all the basic concepts relating to the language, both at the beginner and advanced levels. Please refer to the links below-

1.Android Tutorial By Stanford University

2.Android Tutorial

3.Commonsware Android


5.E Reading Llib Android eBook
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