Saturday, 10 January 2015

12 Security Startups To Look Forward To In 2015

Startup ecosystem is in boom right now. Innovators are coming up with great products that focus on some specific problems. They are addressing niche problems around them. The solutions that startups provide are great too. 2015 is going to be another hit year for startups in cyber security industry. Today we have listed twelve security startups to look for in 2015.

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1. Area 1 Security:

The startup was founded last year by three ex-NSA agents and other professional security experts from Disney and MIT. The company focuses on identifying targeted attacks using behavioral analysis. The company has team of experts and has raised 1st round of $8 million seed fund.

2. BitSight Technologies:

BitSight Technologies was founded in 2011 by Stephen Boyer and Nagarjuna Venna. The company rates security of IT services, it ranks services as ‘FICO’ rating. The startup collects security threat intelligence data to put together risk of leading companies that can be used to evaluate potential acquisition of targets and partners. The company has raised $24 million series A funding in 2013.

3. Contrast Security:

The three year old startup is founded by founder of OWASP, Jeff Williams and Dave Wichers. The company has a strong goal to help organisations to improve application security with faster and more transparent platform.

4. CrowdStrike:

CrowdStrike delivers technologies and services to help enterprises to protect themselves from threats and security. CrowdStrike is a cloud platform. The company was founded in 2011 by Dmitri Alperovitch and George Kurtz. They have successfully raised $30 million series B funding in 2013.

5. Cyclane:

Cyclane uses machine-learning method to filter files, applications, executables, services, drivers, libraries and other important factors that contain sensitive information about the company. The startup has its own predictive modeling algorithm. The company has high vision of taking APT detection to the next level. The company is founded by Stuart McClure. Cyclane has raised $20 million series B funding in last year.

6. Cyphort:

Cyphort focuses on helping enterprises to deal with prioritisation of advance attacks against endpoint, network and cloud assets. The platform has both detection and visibility. The cloud platform offers resolution of advance cyber attacks. The company was founded in Ali Golshan in 2011. Cyphort has raised $15.5 million Series B funding.

7. Endgame:

This is one of the oldest companies in the list. The founders of Endgame were using data science to solve security problems for the last decade. Endgame has raised $30 million series C funding in last year. Company has high vision of expanding its federal and commercial customer base. The startup focuses on security intelligence and analytics. It was founded by Nathaniel Fick in 2008.

8. Farsight Security:

Farsight security was founded by Dr Paul Vixie, who is one of the inventors of internet and DNS technology. The company focuses on real-time passive DNS technology that can provide contextual information for reputation and threat feeds. The startup’s vision is to find out actual threats and focus on reducing threat feeds.

9. Forgerock:

The company was founded in 2010 to power security to social and commercial internet. The company has open-source open identity stack platform. The company focuses on more on identity relationship management than security. Startup has great capabilities to help security world. The company has raised $30 million series C funding in last year.

10. Interset:

The company was formerly known as FileTrek, they are focusing on Threat Detection. The company has analytics platform that can help users in detection threats and behavior. The startup was recognized by Security Innovation Networks (SINET), it was one of the top 16 innovator winners. The company has raised series B funding in 2012.

11. Iconic Security:

Iconic Security was founded by Steve Abbott in 2011. The firm believes in helping other organisations to get better control over data traversing through various domains of enterprise. The company offers a software platform that lets enterprise access control, intellectual property monitoring, encryption ad policy management. The startup has raised series B funding worth $25.5 million in last year.

12. Netskope:

Netskope was founded in 2012 by Sanjay Beri. The startup helps businesses to gain better visibility in user behavior and data storage trends. The company focuses on security of mainly cloud application products. The startup helps users to enforce real-time and detailed cloud app usage policies. The company has raised $35 million series C funding in 2014.
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