Monday, 17 November 2014

Here Are 8 Amazing Uses Of Java!

Java is everywhere! Its popularity can be seen by the sheer fact that it's being used on such a large magnitude in the world of technology. The following applications are a live testament to what Java really is, downright awesome!

JPC, World Wind, JavaFX Mobile, Blu-ray BD-J, UltraMixer, Rhino, Project Looking Glass, Sun SPOT


JPC is an x86 emulator written in pure Java. It can run on any platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine. It creates a virtual PC compatible machine that can run MS-DOS and other x86 operating systems.

2.World Wind

World Wind is an open-source (released under the NOSA license) virtual globe developed by NASA and the open source community for use on personal computers.

3.JavaFX Mobile

JavaFX is a software platform for creating and delivering rich internet applications (RIAs) that can run across a wide variety of devices. JavaFX is intended to replace Swing as the standard GUI library for Java SE, but both will be included for the foreseeable future.

4.Blu-ray BD-J

BD-J, or Blu-ray Disc Java, is a specification supporting Java ME (specifically the Personal Basis Profile of the Connected Device Configuration or CDC) Xlets for advanced content on Blu-ray Disc and the Packaged Media profile of Globally Executable MHP (GEM).


UltraMixer is a DJ Software for so called digital or virtual DJs, wo are not using Vinyls or Audio-CDs but using digital music formats like MP3. UltraMixer is designed especially for the need of mobile DJs, who work as an entertainer for events like weddings, it is also used in dancing schools and restaurants.


Rhino is an open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java. It is typically embedded into Java applications to provide scripting to end users. It is embedded in J2SE 6 as the default Java scripting engine.

7.Project Looking Glass

Now inactive, the free software project under the GPL was meant to create an innovative 3D desktop environment for Linux, Solaris, and Windows. It was sponsored by Sun Microsystems.

8.Sun SPOT

Sun SPOT (Sun Small Programmable Object Technology) was a sensor node for a wireless sensor network developed by Sun Microsystems announced in 2007. The device used the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for its networking, and unlike other available sensor nodes, used the Squawk Java Virtual Machine.
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