Monday, 17 November 2014

Fedora 22 Apps Proposed To Be Supplied With AppData

Tuesday, November 11, 2014: Are you using a packaged Fedora application and is it going to be included in Fedora 22’s Software Center? Then it will need to supply AppData. Earlier it was told that Fedora 22 applications were required to provide AppData, which means providing a meta-data specification for giving basic data about a program.

Now, as suggested by Richard Hughes, known for PackageKit or ColorHug, it’s getting mandatory that AppData files are supplied for all those applications which are present in the Software Center. In this way new applications can be easily installed from the desktop GUI too. Presently, half of the applications of Fedora 21 are served with the AppData. Hughes is not saying that AppData needs complete coverage for lower-end applications too. You can check out Hughes’ proposal here.
If any application package is not supplied with AppData then they cannot be installed through the desktop GUI. Several KDE components and application packages are supplied without AppData. The common packages will slowly receive AppData XML files and own AppData will also arrive in patches. AppData is a GNOME-backed specification, which is based on a subset of the AppStream meta-data proposal. Fedora 22 is expected to arrive around mid-2015 and DNF is likely to replace Yum as the biggest change in the Fedora packaging.
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