Monday, 17 November 2014

Four Out Of Five Developers Are Using Open Source Technology!

A recent study conducted by Jeffrey Hammond, a Forrester research VP and principal analyst suggested that four out of five programmers are either now using or have recently used open source development tools. Forrester had conducted the survey along with Black Duck software and North Bridge Venture Partners of over 1,400 programmers. They revealed that 84 per cent among them were using the open source software. This even involved all those developers who usually stick with Microsoft Visual Studio, are now using open source.
The reason that they stated was that the majority of developers have switched to open source because they see open source development programs as having better reliability and performance. Hammond stated that Open source was popular only because of the lower cost and now the cost of tools is least important element for the developers.
The survey further reveals about the three industries which are expected to be impacted the most by open source software are education, government, and health care. He said that in these areas open source projects like Apache Tomcat, the JavaServer Pages (JSP) server and replacing proprietary programs.
He further stated that big data and NoSQL are the areas where open source have become software groundbreaker. By this he analysed that open source is not just replacing the old software but also leading the way in new software.
According to Hammond, not just the cost saving is the reason but also that developers find it more convenient to try open source solution despite of dealing with the hurdles of acquiring proprietary software. As per the survey, open source is leading in several other fields as well like cloud/virtualization-73 per cent; Content Management Systems (CMS) 66-per cent; Mobile-61 per cent; Security- 59 per cent; and network management-57 per cent.
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