Thursday, 11 September 2014

Here Are The Top 6 Free Legal Hacking Sites!

Not that all hacking is necesserily evil! Hacking is knowing about how things function and knowing why things function the way they do. In their quest to either understand potential attack vectors or simply for the sheer fun of it, there are some basics that they need to know and follow. Before you blindly dive into the world of hacking, make sure you have your basics right!

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Here's a list of six best hacking sites to get you started:

1. HellBound Hackers

-Covers an expansive range of topics including ethics, social engineering and phreaking.

-Has a community of almost 50,000 members.

2. Hack This Site

-Provides realistic challenges which allow you to practice your cracking skills in a safe, legal environment.

-Interactive hacking tutorials, with the associated articles and guidance is a treat for potential hackers.

3. Ethical Hacker Network

-Features articles and interviews with key figures in cyber security.

-Provides information on certifications.

4. 2600

-First published in 1984, the 2600 magazine has been the inspiration for several generations of ethical hackers.

5. Hacker Games

-Offers a range of challenges for budding hackers.

-Provides a great, safe avenue for investigating complex security setups.

6. SlaveHack

-This free hacking simulator pits you against thousands of competitors all looking to get one over on you.
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