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Find The 15 Best Tech Jobs Along With Their Salary Structures

IT industry doesn't lack employment opportunities, usually. If you're an aspiring IT professional then it's definitely some very good news for you. The best part is if you're a high-level tech talent, then companies are offering higher salaries too. If you're planning to travel abroad for a better career in IT industry, then here are 15 hottest skill-sets, which the companies are looking for, mostly. The companies are mostly based in regions like New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

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1. Augmented Reality Developer:

Salary Range: $115,000 to $130,000

This skill set is making a huge impact on the marketing and sales industries and in retail too. The most popular tools which are in demand are ARToolKit, Unity3D, Vuforia and Metaio.

2. Front-End Developer:

Salary Range: $140,000 to $150,000

Front-end developers are on high demand due to increase in applications' creation. Tom Cirri, regional director of recruitment, Mondo, says. "With these roles, our clients need not just Java and scripting experience, but also JavaScript libraries and AngularJS, EXTJS or Node JS.”

3. Network or Systems Security Engineer:

Salary Range: $110,000 to $125,000

Huge demands are there for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile device management (MDM) skills and recently trending high-profile data breaches require better network and systems security protocols. If the job seekers are experienced with NitroSecurity, Palo Alto Software and FireEye intrusion detection and prevention suites, then they will lead the competition.

4. Security Architect:

Salary Range: $150,000 to $175,000

Designing and building secure systems have been quite an important skill set these days. Security architect positions across all domains and all industries are on huge demand.

5. Data Scientist:

Salary Range: $125,000 to $155,000

Data Scientists who hold experience in any "big data" platform can command salaries as high as $155,000, says Cirri. "There's been a huge increase in client demand for these skills so far this year; our clients want and need professionals who can use data analytics tools to dive into data and make decisions based on what the data's telling them," he says.

6. Middleware Engineer:

Salary Range: $90,000 to $110,000

Ciri says that Java's still a hot skill. But engineers who have skill-sets in Java-specific application servers top in the demand list. Java professionals, who have lots of troubleshooting experience, with added focus on security, can boost salaries even more. "Troubleshooting is hot. Because of the need to develop and maintain connections between legacy systems and new security solutions, new Web servers and data center consolidation, these skills are seeing a resurgence," Cirri says.

7. Salesforce Architect:

Salary Range: $180,000 to $200,000

The customer relationship management (CRM) application,, continues to dominate organizations but focus varies between Financialforce, Marketo and the integration tool Cast Iron. Any job-seeker with these skills will be in high demand, Cirri says.

8. iOS Developer:

Salary Range: $120,000 to $150,000

This economy is application-centric and here iOS developers continue to be in high demand, says Cirri.

9. Android Developer:

Salary Range: $135,000 to $165,000

Higher salaries are offered for Android developers than iOS professionals, says Cirri, as Android is more complex. "The more high-end brand experience you have, the more money you can make, especially if you've had applications published and used by large companies in the enterprise," Cirri says.

10. Quality Assurance Engineer:

Salary Range: $100,000 to $120,000

Quality control testing is very essential to ensure security of software solutions and applications. Jobseekers with experience in Selenium, QuickTest Pro (QTP) or Cucumber solutions, are on high demand.

11. Systems Engineer:

Salary Range: $100,000 to $125,000

Systems engineers need to have programming and scripting experience, along with administration and management of systems and server operating systems. As told by Cirri, "It used to be that systems engineers would only administer an OS and maybe have some role in disaster recovery. But now, individuals with stronger coding and/or scripting experience are commanding salaries toward the higher end of this range.” Knowledge of Linux, UNIX, virtualization tools like VMware and Citrix as well as scripting languages are also mandatory.

12. C# / .Net Developer:

Salary Range: $90,000 to $125,000

There's still a huge demand for developers with C# and .Net experience.

13. Drupal Developer:

Salary Range: $100,000 to $130,000

Government clients are increasingly demanding developers with Drupal skills. "Our clients are asking for developers with both PHP language experience and specific APIs within the Drupal platform. The federal government is one of the clients that's increasing its demand for Drupal, and that's where a lot of the demand is coming from," Cirri says.

14. PHP Developer:”

Salary Range: $90,000 to $125,000

PHP developers are on high demand as IT industry focuses on open source solutions and scripting of applications and sites.

15. DevOps:

Salary Range: $135,000 to $170,000

DevOps is all about IT and business and also developing open and productive communication between technical and line-of-business departments. DevOps professionals can have a variety of skills, both technical -- programming, networking, software development -- and soft -- communication, marketing, sales, negation. The more experience, the better salary is there.

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