Thursday, 11 September 2014

5 High Demand IT Skills That Can Be Learnt Online

Trends in technology job avenues have been changing big time and what used to be the most reliable IT careers are now making way for new ones. There are newer paths, opportunities and horizons for those seeking new careers.

And with the advancing trend in technology, you can adopt these skill sitting at home with your laptops. So here we bring to you 5 upcoming skills and their supportive online courses that can be flaunted on your resume.

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1. Data Analysis And Big Data

Gartner has already announced that Data Analysis is going to be the hottest in 2014, making it the most sought after job skill. And with all of the business growing up and collecting huge amounts of data for different needs, big data is being absorbed into almost every business sector. So if you own the skills to harness, organize, and analyze these data mounts, you are the one that companies are looking for. All you require is a strong base in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus. But if you think you have missed these do not worry, websites like edX(here and here) and Khan Academy are providing courses on various aspects of big data.

2. Cloud Computing

Yes, Cloud Computing is one of the biggest technology turnovers in recent time. The shift from local hosting to cloud-hosted services is something that is attracting every business today. All the big words in buzz today like virtualization, software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) come from the world of cloud computing. All the companies are looking forward to eliminate the risk, money and efforts required to maintain a local hosting service and hence are moving to the cloud where storage is safer and cheaper.

And hence there is a huge demand for people with cloud computing and SaaS skills. So if this interests you, if offering free introductory courses to cloud computing.

3. Logistics

Logistics was never this popular as it is getting now with the emergence of big players in e-commerce like Zappos and Amazon. Hence, those with logistics skills are being sought by the employers. And if this sounds music to your ears, then you are the right person to enroll yourself in the free college-level logistics courses from MIT’s Engineering department via its OpenCourseWare platform.

4. Digital Marketing

Almost every business area has gone through massive changes in the last few years and marketing is no exception. We all are aware that digital marketing is the 'next' thing in marketing as print is dying slowly. So the employers out there are looking for people with skills of handling online marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media skills.

And if you have chosen to move on with this skill, Hubspot Academy is the place for you. It is an excellent primer in online marketing and after the completion of the course series, you will be eligible to receive a certification in Inbound Marketing and that too free!

5. Programming Languages

We have already been writing a lot about this, so ofcourse we are not missing this skill set in this list. With more and more computer and similar gadgets coming up and with features and applications being developed for them, programming is indeed becoming one of the most sought after skills in the job market today. There are enormous options available like Objective C, Python, PHP, Ruby, HTML, Java and many more and polishing your skills in one of these can get hired. Even if you do not have any prior experience, get started now with the amazing using these websites: 10 Online Resources To Learn Coding For Free
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