Thursday, 11 September 2014

10 Online Resources To Learn Coding For Free

If people like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg say that code is the new literacy, you have no choice but to believe it. Understanding computer programming definitely opens doors to new jobs and opportunities. And if you are thinking, where to begin and is more concerned about your money and time, we bring to your 10 online resources that can help you learn coding and programming. Have fun!

1. Mozilla's School of Webcraft

Mozilla's 100 per cent free developer training site is all about teaching newbies and experts alike how to code. If you want to get started coding with something like HTML or if you're an experienced dev who wants to dive into Python, the School of Webcraft is worth a view. Several courses generally run simultaneously, and new classes are being drafted all the time.

2. Google Code University

From Google Code, we have the Code University, a free and fascinating resource. And of course, it has its own forums for learners to ask questions and get help. Extreme beginners start with the introductions and tutorials, which are specifically designed keeping new devs in mind.

3. MIT's OpenCourseWare

If it was your dream to study computer science at some leading tech institutions of U.S., here's your chance. MIT's free and accessible courses are great for ambitious upcoming coders. Check out the full list of courses for computer science, which include introductions to Java, Python, C++ and more.

4. UC Berkeley Webcast/Courses

The University of California at Berkeley has an extensive collection of webcasts, including events and courses. The coursework is all free to acccess and it includes video and audio webcasts of computer sciences classes from the current semester to that of year 2003.

5. HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rocks is a one-stop guide to learning HTML5 which is written by tons of contributors working for Google, Adobe and a bunch of other places. On HTML5 Rocks one can learn from slides, presentations and videos.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one online platform that brings millions of students from around the world together to learn all sorts of digital skills, from coding to calculus to computer science theory. This means you can become an expert coder and an expert mathematician in the same place.

7. Codeacademy

Unlike other few online education platforms, Codeacademy focuses solely on teaching coding. You can choose from courses grouped into eight tracks: APIs, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, web fundamentals, or combine languages into projects.

8. The CodePlayer

The CodePlayer enables watch interactive presentations that explain how people built things from scratch. Once you become a coding pro, you can add your own presentations to teach others what you know.

9. Udacity

Udacity believes today's higher education system is broken. Education is no longer something that happens once in a lifetime, but rather is a lifelong experience. That's why it has ported loads of computer science, math and physics courses online.

10. Code/Racer

This one is our personal favorite! Made by the team at Treehouse, Code/Racer is an online racing game that forces you to learn to code quickly to get ahead on the race track. Beyond this racing game, Treehouse boasts more than 650 instructional videos; as you complete courses, earn badges for your accomplishments.
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