Tuesday, 23 September 2014

17 Useful Source Codes For Python Programmers!

Studying source codes written by others can often be illuminating. It can solve doubts that you may have had, or it can bring up new ones. In addition, you can also use this source codes directly as part of your own projects.

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1. The Game of Tic Tac Toe in Python: This is pretty self explanatory. The source code for the tic-tac-toe game if you need it.

2. Indexing text files with Python: This source code is used in order to create an index of all the words in a file. The index is created in a new file, which contains one entry per unique word in the file.

3. NondurableLogger class for use with concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor's submit and map methods: This is a logging solution for concurrent.futures.ProcessPoolExecutor.

4. Sending Email From A Python Program: This script can be used with any server, but you will have to put in the server details and do the account setup for your own account. Currently, the server is set to Gmail.

5. Printing list of ODBC data sources with pyodbc module: Pyodbc is an open source module for Python that will give you access to ODBC databases.

6. Python Game of Life: This is the Game Of Life written in Python using Pygame.

7. Decorator to check method param types: The owner's description says, "This solution gives possibility to check method param type, raise needed exception type, and also have good readability in the decorator definition."

8. Fixed Lengh List: A fixed length list allows only a certain number of terms. This means that overflow items will automatically be ignored.

9. Using pngcanvas, a pure Python PNG library: PNGCanvas is a Python library that is used for creating PNG Images.i

10. Simple Text Mode Digital Oscilloscope Graphics DEMO: This code can be used for changing a *NIX terminal from text to graphics.

11. Levenshtein, my love: This is the code for the iterative algorithm for the Levenshtein Distance

12. Send messages between computers: You can use this in order to chat with computers on the same network.

13. MultiListbox Tkinter widget: This acts like a normal listbox, but with multiple items in a row.

14. Temperature Conversation Application in Python: This is part of an article for how to use modules on Python.

15. Using Websocketd with Python for web-based system monitoring: This is for the server side implementation.

16. Public Key Encryption (RSA): This is for using public and private keypairs.

17. Pretty Print table in tabular format: In this a table may be a list of lists or a list of tuples.
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