Tuesday, 23 September 2014

15 Places To Learn Coding Online!

Why pay for something that is available for free! Coding is one of those wonderful things that you can learn online absolutely free. We have come up with a list of online places where some of the best programming courses are available for free.

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1. W3Schools: Many say that this is the best place to learn languages like AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, SQL or ASP.

2. University of the People: This non-profit online university will help you gain degrees in multipe courses.

3. TED: TED is a really informative website thar contains talks and discussions on a variety of topics.

4. Peer 2 Peer University: This is an open community for learning. You can build your own course and find something that you like.

5. CK-12: This website is aimed especially at students and has a seperate section for students, intruct

6. Academic Earth: This website has a number of very useful has a number of useful courses, videos and other resources.

7. BBC Learning: This website covers multiple subjects and has a number of useful classes, videos and other resources.

8. Treehouse: The tutorials on this website cover topics like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, PHP and JavaScript.

9. MIT Open CourseWare: Want to go to MIT and learn? Well, this will get you close. Here you will find free courses from MIT along with resources.

10. Udacity: Here you can find a number of courses, including Cryptography, Game Development, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and many others. It is quite well know.

11. Mozilla Developer Network: As the name suggests, this is Mozilla's official Developer Netowrk. Here you will find that documentation and guides that will be useful for you.

12. The Code Player: Are you looking to learn web development? Then this is one of the best websites that you can go to.

13. Coursera: This website gets its content from various universities. It has academic courses online and has 300 plus courses from over 60 Universities.

14. Tuts+ Network: This website has a huge selection of tutorials, guides and ebooks that can come in handy. It is a good place to learn things like web design, mobile and game development and WordPress.

15. Codecademy: This is where most online learners come to learn coding. The languages covered by this institution include PHP, Python, Ruby and HTML/CSS.
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