Friday, 30 January 2015

Want To Hack Into Your Android-Powered Smartphone? Here Are 10 Neat Tips!

A lot of tech savvy users like to play around with their smartphones. From editing your lock screen to using your phone to perform other activities, your smartphone can be used for all of them. Here are a few fun hacks that can come in handy!

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1.Force reboot

-Press Power Button + Home Key + Volume up button simultaneously, and you can reboot your Android smartphone in case it's frozen.

2.Quick Google Access

Did you know that Android smartphones provide an easy way to access Google search in just a single click.

-Press menu key, hold it for couple of seconds and you'll have Google search ready for all your search needs.

3.Reboot Android in safe mode

Android versions jelly bean and upwards provide an option to reboot in safe mode.

To reboot in safe mode:

-Long press the power button

-Long press on the power off option

Users will be prompted to confirm a reboot in safe mode

The trick will disable all the 3rd party applications on your device, and is particularly helpful when either of these apps is playing spoilsport. You can re-enable the applications when you reboot your phone normally.

4.Unlock android phones by face detection

Android versions jelly bean and upwards provide a way to unlock your smartphone using face detection. Android jelly bean has added another layer of protection to make the feature even more secure. The smartphone can only be unlocked when the face matches as well as you require to blink your eyes to allow access. The blinking feature tells the device that you're alive and not a still image used by someone other than you to access your device.

To turn on the feature:

-Settings > Security > Screen lock > Face unlock

5.Get detailed information about phone status

Get detailed statistics like phone information, battery information, usage statistics and WiFi information by simply dialing the USSD code *#*#4636#*#*.

6.Move android apps to SD card

To move apps from your Android phone memory to SD card:

-Settings > Application settings > Manage application > Select the application > Move to SD card

7.Hard Reset and Factory reset your android phone

-In case of factory reset, your phone will be formatted to factory level: all your settings will go back to factory default and all the internal data will be deleted.

To factory reset a phone dial *#*#7780#*#*.

-In case of hard reset, all the data (including internal and external SD data) as well as settings of your android phone will be deleted without prompting for a confirmation.
To hard reset a phone dial *2767*3855#.

8.Context menu in android

Long pressing on the screen will bring out additional options for customising your android device.

9.Taking screen shots on android phone

You can take the screen shot on your Android phone without using any 3rd party application.

-For most Android phones: Press the Home button + power button.

-For Galaxy Nexus: Power button + volume down button.

-For Galaxy Note 2 and S3: Swipe your palm on the screen to take screen shot.

And so on.

10.Android Version Animation

-settings > about phone > Tab repeatedly on ‘Android version’.

The Android version will be animated after sometime.

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