Saturday, 10 January 2015

5 Tech Trends For 2015!

Technology is constantly evolving. We have witnessed numerous innovations in the world of technology in this year. However, the evolution process of technology is slow. The incremental changes in technology are occasional. Let’s take a look at 5 tech trends for 2015.
1. Big Data
Big Data development is tremendous and unstoppable. We are generating tremendous amount of data. Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google had said, we generate five exabytes of data every two days. He had made the statement in 2010. The number must have doubled by now. We are capturing data through mobile apps, sensors, websites and this rate is expected regularly in 2015 too.
Companies like IBM, Intel are expected to come up with powerful decision making tools to analyse this piles of data in 2015. IBM is working on a super computer project that can introduce cognitive computing to all industries. IBM is also working another project using Twitter’s data. Intel is building hardware platform for enterprises to bring Big Data processing. The rate of development in this data is expected to increase exponentially in 2015.
2. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence can true bring the data revolution. Microsoft is using machine learning to analyse speech and conversations. Skype’s new Translator app can perform real-time, bidirectional translations. The company is working on a feature that can even mimic the accept of other languages.
Eugene Groostman beat proved the quality in Turing test this year. This research can lead to building human like thought system processor in future. Demis Hassabis from Google is trying to solve intelligence using his startup, DeepMind. It is a recreating human neurons in silicon and code. Artificial intelligence certainly has a great potential to grow and nurture in 2015.
3. Robots
We will get to see futuristic version of robots in 2015. These futuristic robots can be used in manufacturing industry. Interactive Robotics Group team at MIT is working pretty hard on manufacturing robots that can work on assembly line. Most of these robots will work in highly controlled environment, away from human beings.
Amazon is working on Rabo-Stow robotic arms that can pick things from shelves. And the mobile can control the things in the factory. Personal robots like Jibo and Pepper are great example of what the future with robots in day-to-day life is going to look like. MIT professor, Sangbae Kim’s Cheeta robot can run really fast. He looks at his model has futuristic driverless car.
4. Batteries
Most consumer manufacturing companies are working on future battery technology. Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD and Texas instruments are building on more efficient mobile CPUs that can consume minimal battery power. The chemical science will have a major breakthrough in coming year.
Scientists are working on sodium-based, complex hydride. It can lead to cheaper and more efficient battery power. Applied Material research will lead to advance solid state battery technology which can hold much more power than traditional lithium ion battery. New battery technology will have distinct possibilities. Wireless charging was introduced in 2013 but, we will see major advances in wireless charging in 2015. We just need more wireless charging gadgets, charging stations. All such gadgets will probably flood the markets in coming year.
5. Flexible Displays
We can finally expect to see the flexible displays in 2015. Curved display products like LG’s curved HDTV, Samsung Gear Git have been launched in this year. However electronic gadgets with proper flexible displays have been a dream product. We can expect to see thin and flexible displays in coming year.
Intel is reportedly working on a product with drinking components and removable wires through WiDi (Wireless Display) technology. The potential of flexible display products is tremendous. This can be a great innovation for biometric password tools, smart home and internet of things. Flexible displays can also be used in wearable gadgets.
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