Saturday, 10 January 2015

5 Most Useful Programming Languages For Beginners!

If you have recently decided to learn to code then we have something useful for you. Some languages are easy to understand while some are tough. You must have high ambitions and goals to learn programming. There are active communities for some programming languages that can be very helpful for you while learning. You need to learn fundamentals of basic languages to begin with advance programming languages. Today we have listed five programming languages for newbies.

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1. Java:

Java is considered as the most influential programming language. Most of the platforms, operating systems, devices are based on Java. This Oracle’s programming language is very portable and workable. The highest popularity of Java makes it incredibly valuable if you are learning to code. The language is class based and object oriented. The portability and applicability of Java makes it easy to understand and grasp however, it is quite difficult to program effectively and efficiently using Java. Many programming classes prefer to begin with C or C++ as Java derives lot of syntax from them. Java forces learners to think logically and analytically. It teaches you how computer will process the data and information. The fundamental concepts of Java makes it easy for you to understand the other languages and technologies.

2. Ruby:

Ruby is an open source programming language that focuses mainly on web apps. The language was invented by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1990s. Ruby is known for its easier learning curve. It is very dynamic and easy for humans to understand. Ruby supports procedural, functional and imperative programming approach. Ruby’s official website features a quick start guide which is good enough to understand the basics in short period of time. The language has great community of developers behind the success of the Ruby.

3. Python:

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1980s. It is open-source and free. It is known as the scripting language that allows programmers to easily read and understand the code. Python follows procedural and functional programming approach. Python is one of the most used high-level programming language out there. The flexibility and scalability of python is too wide. Python is used in many commercial applications as well. The open source community of Python is pretty active. Python has reputation of first-time programming language. Official tutorial on Python’s website is easy to follow and very useful. There are number of online tutorials and video courses available for new learners.

4. C/C++:

Both the languages have been around for over four decades now. C is extremely used imperative programming language. The languages have great influence among all programming enthusiasts. C is used for general purpose while C++ is a step further. C++ is used in in everything, right from video games to productivity software. C and C++ are considered as foundational languages in computer science and programming. A newbie must learn C and C++ as many other languages have a strong base of these two languages. Both the languages have object-oriented features such as classes, virtual functions and templates.

5. JavaScript:

JavaScript is a scripting language that was developed by Brenden Eich in 1990s. JavaScript is often referred as JS. The language is totally different than Java, this is a scripting language. Web is based on fundamental technology borrowed from JS. It is a flexible object-oriented language that connects large context of applications and services. JS is highly dynamic language that gives wide flexibility to programmers. Most of its syntax are derived from C. JavaScript is relatively easy to learn than C. JS has high demand these days. You can develop great websites using JavaScript. If you plan to do any development work in web, JavaScript is a must learn for you.
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