Saturday, 10 January 2015

10 Apps For Best Use Of Ubuntu

Are you switching to Ubuntu or any other Linux product? Then it means more than a change in the operating systems and you must know that. You should know all the apps which will help you in this change. There are a lot of critical apps but we will be sharing 10 of them on which you can rely on.

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1. Firefox:

When it comes to a Linux desktop software, there are two categories – everyday use and other uses. So Firefox comes under the category of every day use and it's the most trustworthy among others. It's reliable, safe and also cross-platform. Firefox is great for daily browsing and you can also make bookmarks through Firefox. Firefox performs daily duties like Plex, Zoneminder, router/WAPs and my file server.

2. Parcelite:

If you don't have a good clipboard manager then it's difficult to perform on Ubuntu. And in this category Parcelite is the best option for GNOME desktop. It's simple, easily accessible, and it includes everything like white space handling. There are many other clipboard managers on the board, but Parcelite is the best, and it's undisputed.

3. Bittorrent Sync:

Among all the open source alternatives for file syncing the best one is Bittorent Sync. It will never let you down as it's easy to run and install. Its new GUI offering has made this app more simple. Bittorent Sync allows you to transfer huge video files quickly from one machine to others without wasting much time. You can also share files with others through this tool very easily.

4. System Monitor:

A tabbed GUI is always better for your eyes. If you use GNOME's System Monitor, then you can discover a runaway process and kill it too easily. You can also get a visual perspective using graphs in real-time for CPU, memory and disk usage. So if you are a visual person then real-time resource usage is the best option for you.

5. PulseAudioControl:

If you are confused about sound devices and continuously change you options then here comes PulseAudioControl for you. If you are such a person who loves to have control over your audio then this is the most precious tool that you can have.

6. Skype:

If you are looking for a podcast or just want to catch up with your business contacts, Skype simplifies your Internet video conversations. There are several alternatives but if you use Skype for once then you just can't get your hands off. There are some other awesome open source options like Ekiga and Jitsi, but at the end of the day it's Skype which makes your day the best.

7. Kdenlive:

Video editor options are always flooding us but if you want to edit a video heavily then the best tool that you can use is Kdenlive. This tool is best used for picture compositing and editing large-complex videos. Even if you are not successful in editing any video on other video editors, Kdenlive will surely not disappoint you.

8. OpenShot:

This is another video editor which is more frequently used by Ubuntu users. For video editing tasks you can blindly rely on OpenShot. OpenShot is most popular for quick edits and using this editor you can work on two tracks simultaneously. It also offers great effects and its blender title effects as well as video transitions make OpenShot a fabulous editor for your projects.

9. Writer:

Writer is quite a reliable option which you can use both with OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It does everything what a word processor is capable of. Some other office suites may offer more options than Writer, but what 99 per cent people want in these office suites are covered by Writer. So LibreOffice Writer is another great app to use for you.

10. SimpleScreenRecorder:

If your job requires multiple monitor support then there is no better option than SimpleScreenRecorder. It can also capture OpenGL applications and it's very easy to use and it's reliability is unquestionable. SimpleScreenRecorder offers a great experience and it's highly recommended for multi-tasking people.

So whenever you decide about apps, don't bother much about their popularity or brand label. Just have a note how it performs for you.

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