Friday, 12 December 2014

How to bypass In-App Purchases on Android with Freedom App: Unlimited Everything

Hi everyone, how are you? Today we are going to discuss how to bypass android apps in-app purchases and get everything unlimited! Its a hot topic currently and works fine. Note: This is only for rooted android users. If you dont know what is rooting, then this is not for you. We will soon post about android rooting and tell you details. We are against these and do not force you to do it, we are just providing you the steps how it can be done, whatever you do with your knowledge is yours! The app given here, does some system changes that maybe harmful for android, and at most you may brick your device permanently! So, risk is yours.
Well, what is In-app Purchase? Have you seen different apps containing ads, that asks you to buy premium version from within the app to get no ads? Have you noticed different photo editing apps giving premium packs/effects from inside the app? Have you seen various themes/additional packs given from inside many launchers/keyboard apps etc? Have you seen games offering extra coins/money/upgrades that you need to buy?
Perhaps, yes!
Well, you need to buy these stuffs from inside the app by paying money, via Google Wallet. This is called in-app purchase.
Well, there are thousands of apps, having tons of in app purchase options, you, being a normal user, cannot afford to taste every feature! Or, maybe you dont have bank account, but you still need to gain these stuffs. Or maybe for several other reasons you may feel the need to get the in-app purchase items for free.
Here comes the necessity of Freedom app. You can bypass in-app purchases via Freedom app. Link to download Freedom App:
Steps: 1. Open App, give superuser permissions and wait till it loads. It may take time, dont panic! 2. After it loads, you will see the apps list that contains in-app purchases. 3. Go to menu > start to start Freedom Engine. Again wait and let it complete loading. 4. Exit from Freedom app. (or, click on the app you need to bypass purchases, and wait again till it loads, in that loading screen, just for time-passing, it will display some prank comments to scare you, and after you detect that, you will too laugh!) 5. Open the app you want to bypass in-app purchase and continue to do the purchase, while clicking on buy, you will see, it automatically applies a promocode to that purchase and completes it successfully for free. 6. Congrats! You have successfully bypassed in-app purchase on android.
Thanks, hope you found the article helpful!click below to know more tricks
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