Thursday, 4 December 2014

10 Coolest Facts About Android 5.0 Lollipop!

Android 5.0 release has been making it to the headlines these days, almost everyday. You may have already landed your hands upon Android Lollipop or awaiting the update soon, but do you know everything about the software? There is plenty of new stuff which cannot be missed out simply. To make out the most from the new Android, we’re bringing you ten coolest tips and tricks for the Android Lollipop:
1. Set up a trusted Bluetooth device:
If you are owning a Moto phone then it’s a well-practiced thing but for other device users, it’s not a very usual trend. You can unlock your Android device anytime through a specific Bluetooth device, which is trusted and paired. Set it up in this way: Go to settings and tap Security, the Screen lock should be set as anything other than Swipe and have a pattern, password or PIN. Then tap Smart Lock and Trusted devices. Tap the red plus sign and follow the prompts. Enjoy easy access to your Android gadget whenever the Bluetooth device is nearby.
2. Use a Guest login:
If you are using your Android device in a family and share it with children, then you will like Guest User. Switching over to it ensures your friends and family don’t see your emails, Facebook notifications and other stuff. Pull down the notification bar, tap the user icon on the top right of the screen and select the Guest user.
3. Check out the revamped Face Lock feature:
In the Security menu, go back to Smart Lock and tap Trusted face. Follow the prompts and make the system recognise your face, press the power button and give it a whirl. Face Lock works faster than the previous version and with Lollipop, the system starts working to identify your face when the second screen is already activated.
4. Double tap to wake:
This is a very simple feature which Google has adopted from third-party handsets and made its own. The power button is not required to wake your device up and you can just double tap the screen instead for the same purpose.
5. Cut down on notifications:
Notifications are fantastic but unnecessary notifications are irritating. Lollipop makes it easy to customise the notifications. Go to Settings and then Sound and notification. Here you can make general notification settings and tap App notifications and you can pick all the installed apps and make specific settings for each one.
6. Interact with a notification on the lock screen:
Lollipop brings a whole new look to the Android lock screen and personal notifications are the main attraction. Whenever you press the power button and see a notification in the queue, swipe it horizontally in either direction to dismiss it. Tap on it twice to open it or swipe downwards to expand it.
7. Set up priority notification mode:
There is a priority notification mode, which is essentially a “do not disturb” style setting for your tablet or phone. If the priority mode is active, only the high priority notifications are considered and only those notifications make a sound and alert you. Other notifications will show up but without any sound. Press your device’s volume up or volume down key while the display is on and tap Priority in the panel which appears on the top of the screen. You can either leave the mode or specify the amount of time limit over there, for which it will remain active.
8. Save power:
You can extend the battery life of your device up to 90 per cent by using this OS’es battery saver features. You can keep a check on how the battery is going down through the notification tray and tap the icon next to its percentage charge indicator. You can see the battery usage graph and then tap on the menu icon and tap Battery Saver. Turn this mode on. It switches off automatically if the charger is plugged in.
9. Multitask with the Overview button:
Recent Apps button has been changed to Overview button now. Tap it and see a bunch of open apps. If you are in the middle of composing an email, you can see the mail and the Gmail app separately too.
10. See in the dark:
Flashlight apps use the camera LED and they are quite popular as Android add-ons and often they come pre-installed too. Now you can turn the camera LED just by pulling down the notifications area. With two fingers swipe down the top of the screen and find out the Flashlight.
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