Thursday, 20 November 2014

Top 10 Multi-Language IDEs That You Can Use!

IDEs are essential tools for programmers, but using different IDEs for different languages can be quite a pain. Most programmers prefer to use multi-language IDEs that support more than one programming language. Here are 10 such IDEs.

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1. Komodo IDE

Based on the Mozilla project, ActiveSlate's Komodo is one of the best known IDEs that are available today. It supports languages like Perl, Python, PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, XML etc.

2. NetBeans

This open source IDE supports languages like Java, Ruby, C, C++ and more.

3. Eclipse

Perhaps the most popular IDE that is available today. It support C, C++, Python and many others languages.

4. MonoDevelop

This is a cross platform IDE that was developed to work with C# and .NET programming languages.

5. KDevelop

This is another cross platform full featured IDE that works with C, C++, PHP and Ruby.

6. Geany

This is a lightweight IDE that has the ability to support Python, Perl, Pascal, HTML, Java, PHP etc.

7. Code::Blocks IDE

This is a cross platform IDE that can work with C/C++ (with pluging) and Python.

8. Anjuta

This IDE was written for GTK/GNOME and works with C and C++.

9. CodeLite

This one works with C and C++ and supports syntax highlighting for other languages.

10. Gedit

This is not exactly an IDE, rather it is an editor. Gedit is one of the most loved editors that can be extended using a number of plugins.
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