Thursday, 20 November 2014

Top 10 Best Tutorials On Magento

Magento has made some important strides in the web development portfolio and going by the rate by which it gets adopted by web development professionals and business figures, Magento has emerged as an important resourceful content management system. Now with its increasing popularity Magento is being used as a stepping stone in web development professionals' career.

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There are numbers of tutorials to help you in reaching your goal. Beginners need to use more than one resource for catching up with Magento and if you don't have much coding experience then there are some books which will help you a lot: Here are 10 such books to help you on Magento

#The Official Magento User Guide

Even if you are just a store owner and merchant and not a Magento developer then also you need to improve your eCommerce website. You can take help from this tutorial as it will serve as the most comprehensive guide to understand Magento CMS and will help you understand if you want to set up the hierarchy on your site, arrange the products as catalogues and menus, facilitate a more streamlines navigational structure or perform any other task. This tutorial will guide you in the most accomodating way.

#Magento: Beginners Guide

This is one more tool which teaches you the basics of Magento. If you want to set up an online store then this step-by-step guide will be your best friend to get a grasp on the most underlying and crucial concepts. The guide also teaches you how to customise your Magento store.

Magento: User Guide

This is quite a resourceful guide for beginners in web development and this tutorial helps by giving tips on how you can set up a webs tore without coding and the most basic concepts of magento development.

Designer's Guide To Magento (PDF)

If you have in-hand experience and also a reasonably impressive level of skills in Magento, then this guide will expand your horizon and also hone your skills. The guide is updated for the latest versions like CEv1.4+, PEv1.8+ and EEv1.8+. This tutorial will give you some great tips on creating a custom theme, adding customization features to your website and making your website more responsive and compatible.

Mastering Magento

This is another advanced guide for those who wish to get free rein over customizing their Magento website for enhanced performance, use tools and techniques which are yet to catch the fancy of a large number of developers and also grasp an understanding on how to make the web store run faster.

Magento For Developers: Product Configuration And “Composite Products” Functionality

This tutorial gives an in-depth knowledge of the Magento territory and also elaborates some complex concepts which are the basics of Magento. It explains the business side of things in a more detailed manner and also focuses on product configuration concepts, the composite products, theme customizations and carts customizations.

Magento 1.4 Theme Design (PDF)

This tutorial focuses on designing aspects of the magento stores. It provides tips on setting your brand apart with exclusive designing elements, brand message, control over website's appearance and social media buttons to reach people.

Magento Tutorials On Udemy

Udemy is a marketplace to find cheap tutorials and also some cheap priced video tutorials. They offer 30-days money-back guarantee.

The Definitive Guide to Magento

If you want to learn how to create a website from the very basic level, then this tutorial will be perfect for you. It provides a detailed look into the most basic as well as advanced concepts of Magento and also makes you gain insight into the system.

Magento 1.8 Development Cookbook

This tutorial is exceptionally useful to tailor your Magento store for better appearance and overall functionality as it explains the database concepts, events handlers, Cronjobs and other Magento site specifics in the most elucidatory way.
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