Thursday, 20 November 2014

Over 110 Videos To Learn Python From!

Established Python users have often wished that instead of learning from books, they could have watched people working on the language in order to learn it. For them, there was no choice, but for us there's a choice. Here are over 100 videos that let you learn faster!

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1. Python from Scratch

This is a tutorial on how to build a dynamic website in Python from scratch. It is the culminating video of a tutorial series and the creators recommend that you watch the other videos before coming to this one.

2. Python 101 Tutorials Series on Youtube

This is a video training series that consists of 16 videos on Python. It goes from installing Python to CGI etc.

3. Google Python Class Compilation Playlist for 2 Day Training

This playlist contains seven videos teaching you the Python programming language. As the name suggests, it is a Google class on Python.

4. Python Tutorials for Beginners

This tutorial playlist contains 33 videos, all of which are meant for absolute beginners in Python. No prior knowledge of the language is assumed and Python 2.x must be installed.

5. Python Programming Tutorials

This is a nearly four hour long screencast that helps you in learning Python.

7. Python Fundamentals Training

Here is a list of 12 videos that will teach you the fundamentals of the Python programming language.

9. Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking

This is a two and a half hour long lecture from Pycon 2013 that tells you how to work with Python using public data hacking or public data.

10. Python Programming Basics Tutorial by NewBoston

The New Boston playlist of videos contains 53 highly informative and useful videos on the Python programming language.
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