Monday, 17 November 2014

Mozilla Releases Firefox Developer Edition

Wednesday, November 12, 2014: Marking the 10th anniversary of Firefox browser, Mozilla has released a new Developer Edition of Firefox, for web developers. The new edition will benefit developers in boosting their productivity, across multiple devices and platforms.
The Firefox Developer Edition has a familiar UI and features. The biggest change in this Developer Edition is its dark UI, which has been applied to the entire browser. If any developer finds it uncomfortable, then it’s allowed to go back to the familiar light theme through Customise options. These options are available at the bottom of “hamburger” menu and then developers need to click on “Use Firefox Developer Edition Theme”.
The key features of the first Developer Edition are WebIDE and Valence. WebIDE is aimed at offering an integrated editor so that developers can work with Firefox OS apps in simulators, Firefox OS devices and also Firefox for Android devices. There is a debugger in the edition too which allows you pause and inspect components. On the other hand, Valence supports WebIDE and allows connecting with Chrome for Android, Safari and iOS. It also lets inspect content on Chrome for Android, like debuggable WebView content in KitKat OS and above. You can get the new Firefox Developer Edition from the Mozilla website itself, and this edition is based on Firefox 35.0a2.
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