Monday, 10 November 2014

Here Are Top 20 Hacking Forums!

Does hacking excite you? If yes, then we bring to you some interesting hacking forums. These may not be for those wanting to understand only the concept but for those who want to learn hacking techniques and have gathered some knowledge so far.

Hacking Forums, Hack This Site!, Hack-tech, Binary Revolution Forums, Blackhat Forums, InterN0T,,, Darknet, CrackingForum, r00tsecurity, The Ethical Hacker Network, LeetCoders,, DragonSoft Vulnerability DataBase, AV Hackers

1. Hack This Site!
-Provides realistic challenges which allow you to practice your cracking skills in a safe, legal environment.
2. Hack-tech
-Cover hacking, infosec and network security.
-Topics like firewalls, encryption and malicious software are also available.
3. Hack Hound
-Learn about programming, malware analysis, windows security and server security.
4. Binary Revolution Forums
-Offers gallery, blog, download on hacking resources.
5. Exploits Database by Offensive Security
-Learn about exploits, Shellcode, vulnerability reports, 0days, remote exploits, local exploits, security articles, tutorials and more.
6. Blackhat Forums - Underground Hacking and Security Community
-Claims to be the best IT Security/Hacking community on the Internet.
7. InterN0T - Underground Security Training
-Free Community on hacking, exploiting, security, pentesting, programming Languages etc.
-Claims to be the most complete Crackmes web page on the internet.
-Cover every possible aspect of hacking and network, information security.
10. Darknet
-Learn about eEthical hacking, penetration testing and computer security.
11. CrackingForum
-Latest cracking programs and crack tutorials are available here.
12. r00tsecurity
-Topics like hacking, infosec and network security are discussed in detail.
-A huge collection of tutorials, articles, books, guides and tools make it a worthy try.
13. The Ethical Hacker Network
-Free online magazine for the security professional.
14. CyberTerrorists
-Discussions on latest exploits, scripts, latest softwares, music , movies , and other neccesary things.
15. LeetCoders
-Organisation of programmers and IT enthusiasts who want to learn programming.
-Programming, security, reverse enginnering, viruses, web development etc are discussed.
17. DragonSoft Vulnerability DataBase
-It's one of the top global information security expert organisations.
18. AV Hackers
-Rapidly growing hacking forum.
19. PAK Bugs
-Learn about bugs, security, scripts, shells, shell codes, hackers, programming, graphics, msn hacking, hacking software,warez,hacking tools,yahoo! hacking and more.
20. Uber Forums
-Download hacking tools, cracks and find exploits.
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