Monday, 17 November 2014

6 tips for adopting open source software

Many big organizations, law enforcement, government entities are adopting to open source these days. The low maintenance cost and free licenses save lot of money as well as, the contribution from open source community accelerates the innovation in the technology. We have seen many companies implementing open source software this year. Some firms are still not so sure about the security of open source systems. Today we have listed six tips to increase the open source adoption of your firm and keep it secure.
1. Standard Platform
Standardized platform among company employees, users and partners is must. Developers tend to use the latest open source tools but operations team need to make sure that the system is consistent, stable and secure. Using standard platform improves function and efficiency.
2. Use of System Management Tools
System management tools can automate the data center. The dashboard can display the real-time status of systems. Security patching, bug fixing can be automated with use of system management tools. These tools ensure the efficient delivery to end user.
3. Use SCAP Monitoring
Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) enables machine readable security policy. Open source SCAP tools like OpenSCAP can be easily integrated in any operation system. IT professionals can run large-scale automated scans whenever they want by combining OpenSCAP with system management tools.
4. Skillful Monitoring of Vendor Vulnerability Databases
If you find a security flaw in data center, it needs to be patched immediately to reduce the chances of exploitation. You can install CVE compatible software, this software can identify and determine the vulnerability using assigned CVE number and patch the fix for the same. Even OpenSCAN provides vulnerability scans.
5. Government Certified Software
You should check the government certification of open source softwares. Not all softwares are government certified. Government certifications like FIPS 140 cryptographic standards and Common Criteria can be trusted. You do not need to apply for a certification if you are using FIPS 40 certified cryptography libraries to build your open source system.
6. Have Vendor at Your Side
Open source community is huge. You may not get the right answer for your problem using Open source community forums. You can work with commercial vendor, their product knowledge will help you with all your system problems. By working with open source contributing vendor, you can demand for features that you need.
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