Wednesday, 19 November 2014

6 OpenStack Distros For Enterprises!

OpenStack has picked up in a big way in the past year or so. With the increase in cloud computing, more and more enterprises are embracing this technology and service providers oblige.

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1) Red Hat Distribution of OpenStack

RDO is a community of people using and deploying OpenStack on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora and distributions derived from these (such as CentOS, Scientific Linux and others).

2) Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, you get all the benefits you've come to expect from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, plus the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure platform from OpenStack. This means you have a wide selection of hardware partners to choose from to power your cloud. And your customers have a familiar and widely supported application environment for their cloud workloads.

3) Fuel

Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack. Developed as an OpenStack community effort, it provides an intuitive, GUI-driven experience for deployment and management of a variety of OpenStack distributions and plug-ins.

4) Rackspace

This company hosts the biggest open cloud in the world alongisde a number of smaller private clouds. A private cloud is a scalable cloud environment—providing the agility and efficiency of a public cloud—built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organisation. It can be hosted in your own data center, in a partner data center, or at Rackspace.

5) Ubuntu OpenStack

According to the website, "Ubuntu is the world’s most popular operating system for OpenStack. There’s no faster or more reliable way to build an enterprise‐scale cloud, from provisioning to deployment and management."

6) Open Cloud System

Open Cloud System 2.6 is a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution powered by OpenStack technology. OCS is designed to meet the requirements of next-generation cloud-based, scale-out applications such as social apps, mobile apps, SaaS/PaaS deployments and Big Data analytics.
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