Wednesday, 1 October 2014

8 Good PHP Programming Video Tutorials For Beginners

Among our articles on varied topics, the one language that stands out as a top seller is PHP. We get such a terrific response every time we bring our readers something new, something extra from them concerning the general-purpose programming language, initially developed for web development. Taking a cue from the same, we have compiled today a list of 8 good video tutorials for beginners to get a hang about PHP.

PHP Programming,  Video Tutorials, Introduction To PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS,  Dynamic HTML Web pages

1.Introduction To PHP - A Complete PHP Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

2.Learn PHP in 15 minutes

3.Understanding PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS

4.PHP, HTML, and CSS: What's the difference?

5.PHP Tutorials - Dynamic HTML Web pages using PHP

6.Object Oriented Programming Tutorial PHP Class File Creation Learn OOP

7.MySQL PHP Database Tutorial For Beginners

8.20 Common interview questions for PHP develo

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