Saturday, 20 September 2014

Here Are 8 Wild Android Hacks!

The Android platform has reached unsurpassed glory and fame in recent times. Endless customisation means you can do anything and everything with devices that have Android running under the hood. However, there are some who still want more from life. A little tinkering, or shall we say hacking doesn't kill anybody, does it?

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1.Streaming music from PC to your Android-powered smartphones

The Gmote app lets you to stream stuff from PC to your smartphones using Wi-Fi, particularly helpful when you're low on storage space in your device. The app turns your phone into a remote control for your computer, allowing you to start and control movies and music at a distance.

2.Customising your user interface as you like!

The stock Android wallpapers and themes lack inspiration. The Beautiful Widgets app give you one stop access to tonnes of customised and animated wallpapers that you can use on your phone making it much more interesting.

3.Going retro on your Android smartphone!

The most recent emulator that was developed by the programmer yongzh is the GameBoid, which is considered to be remarkable in terms of allowing people to play as if they are playing Game Boy Advance.

4.Opening your garage door with your Android smartphone!

The OpenSezMe app is a simple Android application to turn your phone into a "virtual" garage door remote, with the requirements that the application only successfully function when/if the user is within a 1 block quadrant of his/her home, and be protected by a pin code.

5.Overclocking your Android smartphone

The SetCPU app is a tool for changing the CPU settings on a rooted Android phone or tablet. SetCPU works with a great variety of Android devices and ROMs, including the HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy series, and Nexus devices. SetCPU can improve your performance, save battery, or both.

6.Run Android on an Apple iPhone

You need to break into your iPhone first in order to do this. Apps like Redsn0w and PwnageTool can do that for you. You can then install Android on your iPhone and have some fun thereon!

7.Taking screenshots on your Android smartphone

The ShootMe app lets you take screenshots of your Android smartphone (rooted).

8.Blocking ads on your Android smartphone

The Adfree app essentially blocks ads from everywhere on your rooted Android powered phone.
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