Tuesday, 30 September 2014

9 Useful Android Apps For Electronics Engineers!

Google's popular Android platform has been known to have something for everyone. Why should electronics engineers lag behind then? Here are the nine apps that Android has to offer to electronics engineers.

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1. ASCII Chars

This is an Android app that can be used for reference by electronics engineers. It contains the first 127 ASCII character along with their hex and decimal values.

2. AsciiTable

This app is similar to the one mentioned above, but contains an extended ASCII of charset.

3. Digikey

This application, which runs on Android and other platforms, can serve as a passkey for an inventory of in-stock electronic components. It is amongst the largest such inventories of its kind in the world.

4. ElectroDroid

This is a powerful collection of reference material and tools on electronics. The app is quite simple to use.

5. ELcalcV

This app can be used to calculate the voltage drop in cables. The professional version of the app has some added advantages.

6. Magnify

Want to use your Android-based smartphone as a magnifying glass? This app allows you to do just that. It converts your phone into a magnifying glass with a flashlight built into it.

7. NXP

This app works on both Android and iOS platforms and serves as a replacement for the NXP website. NXP is one of the leading sellers of semiconductors all over the world.
For NXP website - sometimes faster than going through a browser

8. NXP RF Calc

This app is useful for RF engineers. It allows them to conduct a number of common RF related calculations without having to remember complex formulae.

9. NXP NFC Tagwriter

This app is useful for reading and writing various kinds of NFC tags.

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