Tuesday, 16 September 2014

8 Programming Languages That Are Worth Your Time!

Are you a programmer? If you are, then you will never be averse to learning more programming languages. Here is a list of some languages that you should put your efforts into.

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1. Haskell: This functional programming language can be quite fascinating and is definitely worth a look. Many say that it is not the easiest of programming languages to learn, but it can be quite interesting and there is a lot of reading material and videos available online to help you. Try the official Haskell wiki to get you started.

2. Erlang: This programming language was developed by Ericsson for their own real time applications. In fact, it is the language that has been used to develop Facebook Chat. If concurrency is your thing, then you must try Erlang. This will get you started.

3. Io: This unusual and minimalistic programming language has been developed by Steve Dekorte. It is inspired by Lua, List, Act1, Self, SmallTalk and NewtonScript. It first appeared 11 years ago, which means that in the world of languages, it is quite a youngling. Check out the official website for more information.

4. Racket: Formerly known as PLT Scheme, this programming language belongs to the Lisp family. Ever seen the Hacker News website? This runs on Arc, which has been designed on Racket.

5. Clojure: This language is less than seven years old and is an effort to revive the Lisp programming language. It was designed to meet the challenges of concurrency and scalability, which companies face most often. The official website says that it is a “dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine”.

6. Squeak: This is an implementation of the Smalltalk programming language. It has been used to develop a modern web framework known as Seaside and the development solution build complex known as Croquet.

7. OCaml: This programming language is statically typed, but it has some features that you will also find in languages like Ruby. This includes features like creating Domain Specific languages, duck typing and extending language syntax.

8. Factor: What Clojure is to List, Factor is to Forth. This programming language is an effort at reinvigorating the Forth programming language and retains its main characteristics.
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