Tuesday, 23 September 2014

6 Best Websites On Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence is a field of science and technology that turns many heads regularly. The idea itself is interesting to most and they want to find out more about it. If you are one of these above mentioned people then these websites are perfect for you!

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1. AiGameDev

This website is dedicated to AI and Game Designing. It has a premium section for paid members, which contains training and consultancy services for members of the website. You can find information on programming, game design, character animation etc. on this website.

2. Kurzweil

This website dwells on various topics in science and technology. It covers topics like artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology & materials science, neuroscience, molecular electronics, electronics, pattern recognition, virtual reality, computation, physics, Internet, energy, brain and body augmentation and human brain reverse engineering.

3. TED Talks

TED Talks contains video talks on everything from social media to artificial intelligence. You may find it a little difficult to find what you need, but when you do find them, they will be very useful.


You may not be able to relate to the name of this website. But you will once you know that it is associated with MIT and stands for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. That's it, you don't need to be told why it is so useful and one of the top websites for AI related information anymore.

5. New Scientist

This website deals with science and technology and the newest happenings in this arena. Being one of the most advanced parts of science and technology, AI also has a position on this website. You can keep yourself updated on the latest in the field and learn about what's what.

6. Singularity Hub

This website contains the best and latest information on stem cells, genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, longevitiy, aging and many other topics. This is also an essential resource for those looking to follow AI news and information.
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