Sunday, 14 September 2014

50 Open Source Software For Your Windows PC!

Using a Windows PC doesn't mean that you have to be trapped within it. There are many open source applications that run on Microsoft's Windows. Here are 50 of the best of the lot!

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App Collections: These are tools that contain a numbebr of open source software within them. They are complete packages that can run on Windows.

1. OpenDisc


3. winPenPack

Antivirus: You already know an what Antivirus is, add something get a good one, for example, use this software

4. ClamWin Free Antivirus

Astronomy: These are nifty tools that map the night sky for you and show you how the sky is looking at a particular moment from a particular point.

5. Celestia

6. Stellarium

Audio Tools: While VLC is the obviously the most popular open source audi player on Windows, there are some others that cater to musicians and audio/video editors as well.

7. Amarok

8. Audacity

9. Clementine

10. MuseScore

Backup: It is always advised that you should backup the data on your machine. This is where these open source tools can be very handy.


12. Areca Backup

13. Redo

Blogging: Wordpress is the suite of choice for those looking to develop their own websites and blogs. It contains a number of functionalities and features.

14. WordPress

Browsers: You would of course known about Mozilla's Firefox internet browser. This is the most popular open source brower used by many people all over the world. In addition, there are

15. Chromium

16. Firefox

17. Tor Browser



Groupware: These are software that help you track and manage group projects where you are collborating with a lot of other people.

19. Collabtive

20. Feng Office


21. PeaZip

Content Management Content Management Systems are computer programs that allow the publishing, editing and modification of content from a central source. Best examples of this would be Drupal and Jhoomla.

22. DNN (formerly DotNetNuke)

23. Drupal

24. Joomla

25. Plone

Customer Relationship Management: These software aid companies in future and current customer relationship maintenance.

26. Sugar Community Edition

Databases: Windows may not exactly be a friend of open source, but no one can deny its contributions to the tech world. Many programmers have created the best of programs while using the Windows OS. For this they needed databases and many of them used open source databases.

27. Firebird

28. MySQL

29. PostgreSQL

Data Destruction: Recycing it just as important on your computer as it is in real life. There comes a time when you need to get rid of data. This is where this software comes in handy.

30. BleachBit

31. Darik's Boot And Nuke

Desktop Enhancements: These are software that add various elements to your desktop. This could include sticky notes, screensavers and a bunch of other interactive components.

32. Electric Sheep

33. PNotes

34. VirtuaWin

Desktop Publishing: These are page layour publishers. Other examples of this would be QuarkExpress, Adobe Indesign etc.

35. Scribus

Email Client: These clients can manage your email, especially the one mentioned here, which integrates beautifully with the Firefox internet brower

36. Thunderbird

Encryption: These software can make encrypting files so easy that you sometimes have to do nothing more than make a simple mouse click.

37. AxCrypt

38. Gpg4win

39. TrueCrypt

Enterprise Resource Planning: As the name suggests, these software aid enterprises in their planning purposes.

40. ADempiere

41. Apache OFBiz

42. Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution

43. Openbravo

44. Postbooks/xTuple ERP

Games: Windows has been the better platform for games, but open source games have still penetrated this platform and made a name for themselves.

45. 0 A.D.

46. Alien Arena

47. AssaultCube Reloaded

48. FlightGear

49. Frets on Fire

50. GCompris
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