Tuesday, 30 September 2014

14 Video Resources That Can Make You A Master Of Python Programming!

Videos are often better sources for learning than texts or classrooms. When it comes to programming in Python, their are many who prefer this mode than reading an ebook or tutorial. That said, here are 14 resources that can help!

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Video Tutorials

1. Python Django tutorial

This tutorial will teach you to package URL with apps and add them to your project, while passing values to the URLs as well.

2. Google Python Class

This is a class on Python from the Google Python Class. It is a basic tutorial that introduces you to the subject.

3. Python 2.7 Tutorial

Databases are often created using PYthon's SQLite module. This video teaches you how to do so.

4. Python for Programmers

This is a project-based tutorial on Python that covers data structures, debugging and other topics.

5. Learning Python

This tutorial shows you how to use Python for scientific programming and synchrotron beamline.

Websites With Python Video Tutorials

1. Google Python Class

These are free video lectures on Python that are meant for developers.

2. Python for Beginner

These tutorial videos teach you the basics of looping, file handling, lists, string functions, debugging, classes etc.

3. ShowMeDo

This website has a pretty big collection of videos on Python that you can use to learn from.

4. Learners TV

Here you will find over 40 videos on programming in Python that will teach you various aspects of the language.

5. Learning Python Programming

This is a blog that contains a number of video tutorials on Python.

Game Programming

1. Programming physics games with Python and OpenGL

This tutorial teaches you to use Python and OpenGL in order to write your own games.

2. Collision detection and resolution

This is a tutorial that can teach you about vectors and how to use them.

3. Game Programming Tutorial

This is a video tutorial on game programming in Python that will give you some beginner code and tell you about the various tools needed for game programming.

4. Program Your Own Game With Python

This is a guided walkthrough on how to use Python 3.3.0 to write a very simple game.

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