Saturday, 27 September 2014

13 Open Source Software For Mathematics, Computer Algebra and Statistical Analysis

The open source community is a truly powerful community. Software coming from the open source arena cover almost all kinds of applications that one can think of. So, when it comes to things like statistical analysis, mathematics and computer algebra, open source is at the forefront of the pack. Here is what it was to offer.

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Mathematics: These apps include mathematics and computational tools that work on the Linux platform. These are free and open source software that are used for mathematical applications required during programming and other activities.

1. FreeMat

2. K3DSurf

3. Octave

4. Scilab

Computer Algebra systems: These apps allow you to work with algebraic expressions in the same way that you would do by hand. Mathematical and scientific algebraic expressions can be managed using these free and open source apps.

5. Axiom

6. Mathomatic

7. Maxima


9. Sage

Statistical Analysis: These programs are specialised in statistical analysis. Perhaps the most famous amongst these is the R Programming Language, which is used by many for statistical analysis purposes required in science, mathematics etc.

10. PSPP

11. R

12. Gnuplot

13. QtiPlot

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