Thursday, 11 September 2014

10 Video Tutorials For Learning Android Development

Although Android programming is largely based on Java, but the two are entirely different from each other. Android is a a software stack, which comprises of an operating system, key applications and middle-ware. Companies are using Android programming language for application development and maintenance. And there is an increasing demand of Android developers. Hence, it is wise to learn this language at the right time as it will help you take a lead in the competition. Recognising the importance of this much-in demand skill, we at EFYTimes, bring to you some Android specific video tutorials/resources.

These video tutorials will help you learn Android programming better:

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1. Google developer and author Chet Haase's tutorials:
(a) DevBytes: View Animations
(b) DevBytes: Property Animations
(c) DevBytes: Property Animations
(d) DevBytes: CrossFading Animations
(e) Android development tutorial

2. Tutorial By Udemi

3. Tutorial By OreillyMedia

4. Tutorial By MarakanaTechTV

5. Tutorial By Android User Group

6. Tutorial By XDA Developers
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