Tuesday, 30 September 2014

10 Top Android App Development Tutorials For Newbies

Android app development is one of the foremost choices for any programmer nowadays. The number of apps available on Google Play have been increasing each day, which shows the number of developers interested in the platform.

So, here are 10 tutorials for beginners starting with Android app development.

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1. OpenGL ES 2.0: This tutorial will teach you to create a simple Android app using the OpenGL ES 2.0 API.

2. Android Development Tutorial: If you want to use Eclipse to create applications for the Android platform then this is the tutorial that you need.

3. Using Facebook SDK in Android development: This tutorial teaches you how to create an Android application that can login to Facebook and get the user’s Facebook ID.

4. Drawing with Canvas in Android, Saving your drawings: As the name suggests, this is a tutorial on drawin with canvas on Android. It is one out of a series of tutorials on the same topic.

5. Android Google Maps Tutorial: Navigation is a big part of many apps nowadays and this tutorial teaches you how to integrate Google maps into an Android app.

6. Working With Android Contacts: This tutorial teaches you about working with the contacts database for Android. A basic understanding of SQLite is required for this tutorial.

7. How To Create Android Live Wallpaper: Have you seen the Live Wallpapers available on Google Play? This tutorial teaches you how to make them.

8. Building your first Android app: This tutorial teaches you how to build your first Android app. It teaches you the fundamentals of Android app designing like creating a simple user interface.

9. The New Boston: This is a collection of video tutorials on application development for the Android platform. The New Boston is a well known and used resource for programming and development related tutorials.

10. How to build an Android app: In this tutorial you will learn how to go about the two methods of app development for the Android platform. Apps for Android can either be created using the Android SDK or using the Google Labs tool known as App Inventor.

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