Friday, 21 March 2014

Change/Edit Android Name And App Icon

Apk Edit - Edit Your Apk File (Android App) 

You want to edit apk file(android app) directly without the need of eclipse or command line build utility? Yes You can do it using APK Edit Utility

                                       *******FOR EDITING NAME*******

  1. Step 1: First of all, we will need the APK package of the app you want to rename and change the icon for. If you don’t have the APK with you, but the app is installed on your phone, you can easily compile its APK using the Astro file manager. We have already discussed how you can make APK files of the installed apps (by backing it up using this app in link above) while talking about transferring the installed apps from one device to another over Bluetooth.
  2.  Step 2: Download and extract APK Edit v0.4 to a folder in your computer. As APK Edit v0.4 needs Java to work, please install it if you don’t already have it.

  3.  Step 3: Now that you have both – the APK file and the APK editor – let’s start with the editing. Launch APK Edit.exe that you extracted in the previous step and load the APK file you want to edit.

         Step 4: The tool will now read the file and display the app icon and name under the General tab. You can edit the name text field directly and click on the icon image to search for a new icon. Please make sure that the icon file is in PNG format and is a perfect square in dimensions

             Step 5: After you are done with the editing, click on the Apply button to save the changes.
Although the app gives you an option to directly push the apps to the device using a data cable, I would suggest you to transfer the modified APK file to your internal hard disk using Wi-Fi or data cable and then install it on the device.

Even while installing the file you will see the changes in the file name and the app icon. After the app’s installed, you will see the app with the user defined icon and name.

                                *******FOR EDITING ICON*******

1) Open and browse the apk file you want to edit.

 2) Wait for some time until the Browse link becomes clickable in Details Tab.

 3) Now, click on browse and folder structure will be opened.

 4) You can make small changes like string name change, image change, app name change & save the file to reflect the changes in apk file.

 To Change icon or images :- Replace existing images with new images.
To make name changes :- find strings.xml file in res and change the string’s values.
To make app name, package name changes :- Change the android manifest file.

After making all changes, save the file and close the folder structure.  Click On Ok and you will see the android app with all the changes you made.


You can use this trick to mask your secure applications on android. But do remember that the trick is only meant for personal use. Don’t try to change the name and icon of the app and publish it as your own work.


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